Monday, September 27, 2010

What a Weekend...

Well I made's the end of Monday! I am relaxing on the couch going to take care of a little reading and some work and catch up on my blogs! When I rolled out of bed this morning I thought this moment would never come! It was a busy weekend filled with a little relaxation, tons of sunshine and a crazy birthday party for my friend Melissa.

I kicked off the weekend by having lunch with the birthday girl herself and we treated ourselves to a little home shopping, we browsed and shopped Tuesday Morning, Home Goods and TJ Maxx, and of course I did not leave empty handed ha!

The birthday girl and myself enjoying some birthday cake!

Saturday morning started out like this...

Pure heaven, coffee, sunshine and blog reading on the balcony!

Saturday night we headed to The Grinde's for Missy's birthday party! To say I had a blast would be an understatement...lets just say the evening included a few..ahem..of these..

Danes and I just enjoying a few.. low key.. totally under beverages.. ;)

Missy & Mikey know how to throw a fun party and I have to be honest..whenever we hang out with these two I always have fun for myself and the whole crowd.. was a great evening with friends and family and was their first party at their new home as a married couple!! Lots to celebrate!

Her hubby did an awesome job of organizing the entire evening and even baked the birthday cake. This apron is just soo fitting for him! Totally adorable hubby!

Mr. Grinde..our great Host!

The adorable newlyweds!

I got artsy with the candy bowl...we do call them M&M though!

Glad we were able to get plenty of friend time in as well as some much needed r&r by the pool on Saturday! The weather has been unbelievable..warm and sunny I am loving it! Hope you all had a happy weekend and a relaxing Monday evening!

XOXO- Miss. V


  1. Those cupcakes look SO yummy! I could eat two {one for each hand} while taking in that great view! : )

  2. Love that picture from your balcony! And those cupcakes look delightful!! Looking forward to following you! :)