Friday, December 30, 2011

I can't lie.

Being "housebound" hasn't been all that bad. I'm pretty sure we're at the end of this terrible illness but we're staying safe and just laying low for the rest of the weekend. Which means it will be a rather quiet New Years Eve for Mr. Jones and I. But, I can't lie, it's been kind of nice to just lounge around and spend time just the two of us.

We finally celebrated Christmas a few days late but wonderful nonetheless...

I pretty much now own the entire Vera store in the Suzani print. Happy girl.

We've been trying to stretch our legs and get fresh air and have been enjoying some nice neighborhood strolling.

No complaints here.

And I'm not yet certain if finally having an appetite again is a blessing or a curse. Either way I fully enjoyed my coffee and vegan donut this morning and I thought I would add a little festive shine with the Christmas crackers we'll break out for New Years.

And let's be honest...being stuck with this guy isn't exactly "rough".
(a little sneak peek at some of the NYC photos)

Happy early New Years my lovelies! Hope you all have fabulous plans so that I can live vicariously through your photos! We may break out one glass of champagne each and do an air kiss to avoid germs ha!

Cheers to 2012 I wish us all lots of health and happiness- Miss V.

Monday, December 26, 2011

A Christmas Story...

It all started out when we arrived back in San Francisco from a lovely 5 day trip in NYC visiting my family. We were sad to leave but excited to get home to start the Christmas weekend festivities. Along with the usual traditions we had a couple new things planned and after a day to rest and unpack we kicked off the Christmas weekend with...

Appetizers and Wine on Friday the 23rd before dinner and...

the symphony's Christmas program, hopefully a new tradition!

On Saturday the 24th we slept in and made breakfast together, something we've done for the last 3 years. I know it's nothing crazy but we rarely make anything more than toast and fruit for breakfast. However, on Christmas eve we go all out and then save ourselves for a big dinner. And I don't typically wear reindeer antlers when I'm cooking either haha..

Caught in action prepping for Pioneer Woman's breakfast potatoes. Mr. Jones made a delicious Italian frittata to go along.

We decided when we moved in together 3 years ago that we would spend Christmas Eve just the two of us, (one day as just our little family) and Christmas day would be celebrated with our "extended" families. Since my fam has been on the East Coast for the last 2 Christmases the tradition has changed to brunch/ family day and dinner/ sleepover at the Joneses with lots of movies and leftovers on boxing day!

So... after breakfast and a bit of lounging we headed out to the movies! We went to the mall downtown to watch Sherlock Holmes! Movies on Christmas eve is something we've done as well and we seem to always choose a big blockbuster, Avatar, Tron, and Sherlock Holmes have been the last 3 ha!

After the movies we hit the street to take in all of the lights my favorite xmas tradition!

Santa sighting at the mall...

The free photo option...



SUPER excited.

Union Square

Our pretty tree!

The "Christmas Angel" as he called himself...

And a decked out cable car rounded out the light tour downtown.

We walked home excited to get dressed up and head out to our fancy dinner at Hillstone, which is where we seem to eat for just about every celebration!

Quick photo before dinner! I was pretty excited about my festive attire and asked Mr. Jones if he had anything else he could wear to match? His response... a glance of my head to toe red and green, a big grin and then a roll of the eye...ha standard.

After a wonderful dinner we were back home all ready for bed and I snapped this pic of the tree with all the presents ready for Christmas day! Love our roaring fire?

Well... sadly that was about as good as it was going to get because instead of waking up to coffee and presents, heading to the Joneses and a big Christmas dinner we did this...

Yep. Spent the entire day in the Hospital.

I mean the ENTIRE day.

Like as in ALL of Christmas day.


My poor, adorable, darling, sweetheart of a Mr. Jones came down with a nasty stomach virus at about 5am.

It was a rough day to say the least, I'll save you on the not so pleasant details but let's just say he was out of commission for about 5 hours at home before we finally realized this was out of our hands, and off to the hospital we went. After lots of fluids, and potassium replenishment we finally headed home at 5:30pm. It was a long one, I tried to be the best nurse I could, we read magazines I did my best renditions of my favorite Christmas carols, I read to him the story of baby Jesus, I rubbed his shoulders and bought him an army load of Gatorade once we were finally discharged.

It was not the way I had envisioned Christmas going down. But you know what. It's ok. Because I spent the whole day with the person that I love, I took care of him and I realized that all I really wanted for Christmas was to be home with him, well, and healthy and any gifts under the tree could wait. And they still do. He's on the mend, not quite 100% and we're hoping that I don't get it as well. Until he feels great again, the tree will remain up, the presents will stay wrapped, and I get to play Christmas carols for a little longer.

In the end I got my Christmas wish. Mr. Jones, home, with me, and on the road to recovery.

I am a happy girl.

To be continued...

XOXO- Miss V.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to me! (Early because we all know celebrations last for the whole month ha.)

As my 29th birthday quickly approaches I've started to get quite reflective and sentimental about the last year. I can't believe I am about to embark on my last year of my 20"s.. How did I get so old? Most days I still feel like this little girl.

How cute is that little Christmas dress.

But with 29 almost here I thought I would look back over 28, one of my favorite reasons for blogging is that I can go back each month over the last year to see what I've been up to. Blessed, happy and thankful are all I can say when I look back at these photos. What a wonderful year it has been. I only hope that 29 brings just as much happiness and that I can spend every moment being grateful for each day.

My birthday kicked off soon after earning my teaching credential and a whirlwind of celebrations, the birthday night itself was spent taking in the holiday scenes downtown and a fancy dinner out with Mr. Jones.

In January we hosted a big party for our friends Ben & Lindsay who were in town!

Wish we could do this every weekend!

In February we showered Mama Kylie and soon to be born Baby Ryland..

Fast forward a few months and I've had the absolute pleasure of taking care of that little bun in the oven every Tuesday ;)

In March I got the call that one of my absolute besties got engaged!! Love you future Ducey's! Can't wait to start wedding festivities as soon as 2012 begins!

In April I headed to NYC to visit the family, I went to the MET with my sister...

Enjoyed lunch dates with Mom...

and made a quick surprise trip to the South to surprise my brother for his birthday!

In May...

The Meyers were back in town for their wedding!! Congrats Ben & Lindsay!

So blessed to have been included on this very special day.

At the end of May beginning of June... 6 months of a crazy sub schedule came to an end when Summer School started again and I was back in my old classroom...

with a new group of Kinders... I loved every stressful busy moment ha!

After 7 weeks of summer school it was time for vacation and at the end of July we headed South to visit the family with a trip to North & South Carolina...

Lounging on the beaches of Charleston...

August was spent reveling in the last days of summer vacation, with lots of lunch dates with friends

and their adorable tots...

By September school was in full swing, and I had embarked on my first "official" year of teaching... Little brother stopped in for a visit and story-time with my 2nd graders.

First staff photo!

September wrapped up with the Roomies wedding! Congrats Schroeders it was an amazing weekend!

In October we hit up the pumpkin patch and festival with The Grinde's

and celebrated with a spooktacular class party.

In November Tina & I went to Portland to visit Steve & Jules! A beautiful city and a wonderful girls weekend!

And we got a litttttlleee bit crazy at our 10 year High School Reunion over the Thanksgiving weekend!

And to round out the year, December thus far has been spent decking our halls...

and celebrating the season with those that I love.

With less than a week left of year 28 I know that the last few days of this year are sure to be just as amazing as the last few months. Thanks for looking back with me over this last year, and thank you to all of the people in my life that have made it a year full of love and happiness. I really do feel like the luckiest gal in the world.

Here's to year 29, the last of my twenties I hope to share many more memories here with all of you lovely blog readers! I love you all!

XOXO- Miss V.