Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday...

I thought I would link up with LittleMissDaisyMay today and join her "What I'm Loving Wednesday Post"..since my post was going to be titled "Wheelin' and Dealin' Wednesday" I thought..why should I embarrass myself like that when someone else has already thought of a much more acceptable and may I say more inviting title for a Wednesday post.. so here goes.. and be really thankful for her title... because I was about to bombard all of you with the "deals" in housewares I got this past weekend.. which would have been super exciting to read I'm sure..

1. I am LOVING that I was able to wear a dress and a cardigan today.. the weather was finally perfect.. not too hot...not too cool.

2. I am LOVING that I totally scored this Bodum Kettle for $6 at a store closing sale! I have had my eye on one for a while now but refused to spend the whopping $50 that they go for when we had a stove top kettle already.

3. I am loving that it is almost October which means three things... One, Roomie and Mark will be here along with my friend Melissa and her boyfriend Nat from San Diego for a visit..

Melissa & Nat...

Roomie & Mark..

We will be celebrating two important occasions, Melissa's birthday and... Mr. Jones and I are hosting Meredith & Marks NorCal engagement party!! Cannot wait.

Two, Mr. Jones and I will also be going to NYC to visit the fam bam! I can't wait to see them and of course spend time in one of, if not my favorite city!! We have plans to visit with family and friends while we are there as well as do a little sightseeing, lots of eating, and mini vacationing!

Three, I meant to upload pics for this but Oct. 15th, also marks the day I turn in my HUGE monster of a project...which if all goes well will mark the beginning of my teaching career!! I just finsihed my video taping today.. yes I had to video tape myself teaching three days in a row..lets just say... it wasn't all pretty, so now I have to spend tomorrow and Friday editing for the perfect cut to send in...almost. over.

4. I am LOVING that I got involved with a Tuesday night small group through my church...great group of people, super fun and most importantly a great time for fellowship and meditation, we are doing an in-depth study of Phillipians which couldn't be more perfect...Worry less, trust God more... still a work in progress ha!

5. I am loving that Mr. Jones has suddenly found housework amusing! I keep coming home to a super clean house, which makes my days off so much easier and gives me more time for laying by the pool.. I mean.. studying.. oops. ;)

6. I am LOVING that I am finished with homework, reading and teaching for the day so now I can read all of your Wednesday posts as well!!

XOXO- Miss. V

Monday, September 27, 2010

What a Weekend...

Well I made's the end of Monday! I am relaxing on the couch going to take care of a little reading and some work and catch up on my blogs! When I rolled out of bed this morning I thought this moment would never come! It was a busy weekend filled with a little relaxation, tons of sunshine and a crazy birthday party for my friend Melissa.

I kicked off the weekend by having lunch with the birthday girl herself and we treated ourselves to a little home shopping, we browsed and shopped Tuesday Morning, Home Goods and TJ Maxx, and of course I did not leave empty handed ha!

The birthday girl and myself enjoying some birthday cake!

Saturday morning started out like this...

Pure heaven, coffee, sunshine and blog reading on the balcony!

Saturday night we headed to The Grinde's for Missy's birthday party! To say I had a blast would be an understatement...lets just say the evening included a few..ahem..of these..

Danes and I just enjoying a few.. low key.. totally under beverages.. ;)

Missy & Mikey know how to throw a fun party and I have to be honest..whenever we hang out with these two I always have fun for myself and the whole crowd.. was a great evening with friends and family and was their first party at their new home as a married couple!! Lots to celebrate!

Her hubby did an awesome job of organizing the entire evening and even baked the birthday cake. This apron is just soo fitting for him! Totally adorable hubby!

Mr. Grinde..our great Host!

The adorable newlyweds!

I got artsy with the candy bowl...we do call them M&M though!

Glad we were able to get plenty of friend time in as well as some much needed r&r by the pool on Saturday! The weather has been unbelievable..warm and sunny I am loving it! Hope you all had a happy weekend and a relaxing Monday evening!

XOXO- Miss. V

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Show Us Your Life.. Master Bedrooms!

Well.. I'm a day late but I wanted to participate in Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life posts on Fridays... For those of you who don't know Kelly..she is kind of a big deal in the blog world.. like has over 8,000 followers..sort of a blogging celeb if you will. I absolutely love reading her blog and about her growing family. So this is also this weeks Blogs I Love reading suggestion for all of you readers!

My "Master Bedroom" is actually our only bedroom, and I feel silly calling my bedroom a "Master" because I feel like that title is for "grown ups" and at the age of 27 &30 I still feel like we are far off from being "real" grown ups... some may call this denial. ;)

So here it is in all it's glory! I didn't take a picture of the walk in closet...because well it's a disaster at the moment and I didn't take pictures of the wall accross from the bed because it just holds a giant flat screen, but I hope to get a bench, or maybe a chest of drawers over there in the next few months...

My calm and soothing bedroom!

When we first moved in we HATED that blue wall, and were determined to have it painted immediately, but after we put our bed and linens in the room and looked at the art we were going to hang we realized it all kind of went together... the end result was that we absolutely love the blue wall now and feel that it totally makes the room! I love the bedroom and of course there are things we still need, but it's so calm and peaceful in here with the neutral colors and soft blues. The rest of our house is decorated in very dark woods and bold colors so it's nice to have a completely contrasting look for this room.

Side Table with what we're reading!

Oddly enough the books that are on the side table actually compliment the room as well...I have a Junior League cookbook from Greensboro, N.C that my grandma sent me that I love to read! It's full of old Southern recipes and hostessing tips. There are two Library books, that desperately need to be returned an inspirational book on faith and trust which I have really been enjoying and for Mr. Jones a magazine and his notebook...Exhilarating I know!

And how could I forget the view! It's incredible! Although I cannot sleep with any sort of light so those city lights get shut out immediately after lights out around 10pm. Which drives Mr. Jones crazy.. oh well I need my beauty rest.

Well that's it folks! Hope you enjoyed snooping! I know I can't wait to look at your bedrooms and as I said before if Kelly's Korner is new to you her Friday "Show Us Your Life" posts are definitely worth reading, because c'mon everyone knows they like to snoop in other people's homes!

XOXO- Miss. V

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tool Time..

Remember the show Home Improvement? Of course you do! Pretty sure anyone over the age of maybe 25 was madly in love with J.T.T and owned at least one Tiger Beat or Seventeen Magazine life size poster of him...or was that just me?

Anyhow, Mr. Jones is not exactly what I would call "Tim the Tool Man Taylor" but when pestered, bothered, harassed, "gently nudged" enough he will actually get around to taking care of things around the house! Now.. don't get me wrong I am perfectly capable of working a tool set to some degree...but...when you cohabitate with someone other than a roommate, who actually cares that things are not still hung with thumb tacks like the dorm room days.. you do have to take into consideration their time and opinion on home related decor...

I learned a HUGE lesson though this past weekend...choose a weekend that is all about them, and make the changes related to "their party" and they are suddenly more than willing to hit up MY I mean "their" favorite stores, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond...a little Tar-je perhaps???

Well we took care of a few items that have been on my "list" and I am happy to share with you my newly decorated home.... and if you thought my Target post was might want to hold on to your knickers for this one...because I am about to ROCK your world! Joy! (p.s if you didn't already know highlighted text is a case you actually did want to experience the "most boring post ever written" )

Here is the handyman himself...with my pink hammer...gotta love him..

So yes your eyes do not deceive you, that adorable pink hammer belongs to me, because well my "Tool Time" reference is really a joke..this guy doesn't even own a tool box...I do...and we always use the pink tools! I had been wanting to hang some photos I took in our hallway since we moved in so I finally convinced Mr. Jones to help me with this task.

Here he is using the PINK leveler... I bought this 4 pack of frames from BB&B for a cheap $15 and printed the 8x10 photos at Walgreens for only $ wall on a budget people!

The photos I took are from San Francisco & S.C, one from the Ferry Building just down the street, another from a hike I took with a teacher friend, and one from a famous diner on the Embarcadero, the American Flag one is from our Charleston trip.. I heart it the most!

The finished product!

We also did quite a few things in the bathroom. We switched out our shower head and bought an eco friendly one that saves about 40% in water and you would never know the difference! I would highly suggest this whether you pay your water bill or not, it's good for the earth and you can brag about being really into saving the planet. We also hung a full length mirror behind the door and bought another rug for under the sink for extra luxury while washing your hands. We're soo luxurious....

Next up... plants. We have a balcony off the living room the size of my thumb...not complaining b/c outdoor space in the city is hard to come by and the view will take your breath really..16 floors up you could actually pass out if you suffer from Vertigo..anyhow a few new plants make it really cozy looking..and I love our "love fern" ("How to Lose a Guy"reference for ya)

Isn't it quaint ;)

And what better way to celebrate the first day of Fall than with a little Fall Decor! Love it!!

And I am fully aware that the title of my blog is "Short & Sweet" and my usual post is novel length...I apologize...the rambling stops now! Enjoy your evening and I look forward to catching up on all my blogs right NOW!...

XOXO- Miss. V

Monday, September 20, 2010

L.O.V.E. : Mark & Mere get engaged...

Well last night my best friend, roomie, wifey, my other half got engaged!! I knew that it was coming sooner or later...(I know people on the inside ha!) and had hoped, prayed, crossed my fingers and toes that it would happen this weekend, so when my phone rang at 10pm I literally started shaking..looked at Mr. Jones and said... "This is it"... I probably spent the remainder of the evening in a blubbering, giggling, goofy grinning fool sort of mood and even told Mr. Jones that he was off the hook for a while because I want to enjoy Mere's engagement..(clearly I was in a euphoric state and had no clue what I was saying) ... but back to these two lovebirds...

They are moving to New York City in January....I wish them all the excitement and adventure in the world...

I wish them a forever of happiness and laughter....

I wish them years of fun and dancing...

I wish them a million stolen moments....

I wish that you still owned these outfits....

I wish that you always inspire and encourage each other...always holding tight to your dreams and plans for the future...

I wish that Mere could actually grow a mustache like this...

I wish that you never take life too seriously...

I wish that you never cease to amaze each other...

Simply put... I wish you love...

I could not be more excited for you guys and for everything that is happening. Between NYC and the engagement you have so much to celebrate. I am truly blessed to know you both and to have you in my life. I cannot wait to see what the future looks you always...your roomie.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Jones!

Well the day is finally here, Mr. Jones is now in his 30's! I can't believe it! When we first met he was barely in his early 20's...what a ways we've come! The party was an absolute success and I can't wait to host another huge bash! We had family & friends new and old, near and far, come to celebrate Mr. Jones!

Our lovely friends the Christophersen's who helped set everything up!

Pre- Guests shot of the dining and living area all decorated!

The Sun went down, the city lights went up and the fun was about to begin...

Now, what I failed to mention in my previous post was that this wasn't just any 30th birthday celebration... the evening had a "theme" to it. You see... Mr. Jones and his friends are notorious for their love of Halloween Costumes and any excuse to wear a ridiculous ensemble without it even having to be Halloween is something that these fine young gentleman will go all out for...

So before I "reveal" the theme I'll give you my one "nice" shot of my handsome, pre-decked out Mr. Jones....

Such a serious pose?? Ha!...

Birthday boy and his gifts...special Beiber and Twilight wrapping by myself... ;) (inside jokes)

And here they are the masterminds behind the dress code, Club Denim...there aren't even words

yep... 30 years old folks...

There were those of us that opted for the jeans look, still looking good but adhering to the dress code..

Toasting Mr. Jones... I'm cringing over this outfit.. bear with me folks..I apologize for him..

We even gave out awards for the most ridiculous get up...

More denim...

We had about 30 people at the party which was a great turn out! Everyone had a great time and we loved hosting all of our friends! Today we spent the day with the Christophersen's and Mr. Jones' brother and girlfriend. I made cinnamon buns for breakfast (the canned kind...I'm no Pioneer Woman) and he opened his gifts! I gave him a watch he had been eye-ing for months...he seemed really surprised and very happy!

My little watch model ;)

All in all it's been a perfect weekend of celebrations, now we are finally relaxing and just enjoying the last few hours of the day before it's back to the grind tomorrow! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

XOXO- Miss. V

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The BIG 3-0 !!

Well yesterday kicked off Mr. Jones' 30th birthday weekend! We spent the whole day getting party supplies and things for the house to make sure everything would be ready in time for the party tonight! We also spent the evening with Mum & Dad Jones having an amazing birthday dinner and catching up!

Party Supply Table... ready to decorate!

Birthday gifts were the theme of the night!

Enjoying birthday dinner with Mum & Dad Jones

We have a busy day lined up, I'm off to "Women's Coffee Talk" at my church for a brunch and to hear a guest speaker on careers and relationships, definitely could use some encouragement in careers right now!

photo credit:

Then back home to get ready and our firsts guests the Christophersen's get in at about 4pm! To help us set up! Can't wait to celebrate Mr. Jones with all of our friends!

XOXO-Miss. V

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Ok well... if you thought the title of this post was lame... you might just want to reconsider reading this entire thing... if, however, you decide to read on.. just remember you have been warned, this is quite possibly the most boring post ever.

One thing that I have "learned" if you will, about blogging is that it's important to post often, to keep you in the habit of writing, and to keep those who read interested. I know that I look forward to coming home and checking up on my blog list and am always a little bummed if only a few have been updated, so I guess maybe one of you, some of you? Might possibly look forward to reading this hodge podge of thoughts as well? There are however, those days that although eventful for you would be totally boring for anyone else to read, luckily I have Mr. Jones to bore to death with my daily ramblings but lucky for you I started blogging so you get to hear it now too! Joy!

It was a normal day of student teaching I taught a number chart activity with a chart I had created. I insisted, (only to myself) that I make it "Fall" themed, so I decided that die cutting a million fall leaves would be a really "cute" (insert sarcasm) of me and my number chart. Well it did turn out pretty darn cute, however the intense ( insert sarcasm) and labor intensive job of getting all of my leaves perfect went entirely un-noticed by my batch of kinders.. oh well, it was a pretty good lesson overall and I got some great feedback from my master teacher, always a plus.

After school I was so excited to go to Target! If you do not live in a city or at least a major city that refuses to have a Target in it you will not understand why going to Target is so darn exciting but ever since I got a car I have been looking forward to taking off after school in the afternoon and making the trip avoiding the weekend madness that I had to endure when Mr. Jones could take me. ( Along with the constant pity party he threw for having to endure one of my all time favorite places... )

Anyhow I went with a mission, to buy a few much needed household items and to get some ideas of how we would decorate for the upcoming bash for the Mr.'s 30th.

As most Target trips go, I only ended up buying two things that I needed for the house and of course found a top and necklace for myself...hahah. So now for the Pièce de résistance here are my Target purchases, ( I warned you...this was lame, and yes.. I took the time to take photos, and yes I should be doing work right for a major project)

These are the cocktail napkins I bought for the party along with a bowl that was on sale for $1..the napkins kind of set the color theme for the night, so now that I have the ok, I can move forward with balloons, streamers, banner etc.

Here is one of the things that was actually on my list, I bought two of these found on clearance for $4 to store magazines in the living room.

And of course I couldn't resist yet another striped shirt ha! (half of my closet is full of stripe-y tops) Only $10 and this cute orange/ coral necklace also $10 I thought it would be cute for Oct. for Halloween and for Giants games if I EVER get to one! Also I am soo that teacher that likes to dress according to season/ holiday... I know super embarrassing.. I did resist the pumpkin earrings...however..there is still plenty of time to purchase them before Halloween. ;)

After all that I still need to do some more shopping for the house on Friday and hit Party City for decor, as well as Trader Joes for food and beverages for the party, but I thouroughly enjoyed my time at Target and am thinking I might head there once a week to peruse, (could be highly dangerous). It's just so nice to be able to go at 2pm on a weekday rather than noon on Saturday, I was in heaven! Ok well thank you for reading and if this was your first time stopping by the blog I certainly hope it wasn't the last, I promise to discuss much more intriguing and pressing items such as politics, the meaning of life and my dedication to saving the world, in upcoming posts... ok that's a lie it's pretty much this exciting all the time around here! Happy Hump Day!

XOXO- Miss. V