Friday, September 10, 2010

On my mind....

A few of my random thoughts on Friday...keeping me from studying at the moment.. ;)

- Planning our trip to NYC in Oct. is making me very excited but also stressing me out realizing how much money will now have to be allocated to spend time with my family ;(

- I am supposed to be studying for my HUGE MONSTER of a NASTY Terrible, Scary, test tomorrow, instead I am, blogging, watching The View enjoying my coffee, longingly looking out my window at this beautiful fall day and trying to talk to my mother over cell phone, which just ends up in a game of losing signals, phone tag, and my mother never understanding what it is I am trying to say... love you mom, but cell phones were just not made for you ;)

- I am longing for these boots,

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but not sure if I should dish out the cash for them... they are on hold as we speak, and I may or may not cave and buy them this afternoon, unless...I continue to put off studying and decide to online shop "around" for a better deal...which will most likely happen at some point today.

- I am looking forward to celebrating this special lady's birthday on Saturday!

The beautiful Mum Jones

Can't wait to spend some family time with the Joneses, we are going to a party at a family friends house to celebrate, hopefully this beautiful weather will stick around for the outdoor bbq that's planned, looking forward to it!

Birthday Banner from Mr. Jones' 29th

- Also, the big 30 for my very own Mr. Jones is quickly approaching... and there is still lots of planning to be done, we are hosting a party at our place which will be a first and I am super stressing about a gift, 30 is a big birthday and Mr. Jones is impossible to buy for...if you're reading this babe feel free to drop lots of obvious hints for me ok ;) (also I should remember this when I am drooling over my boots, I still have to buy Mr. Jones a gift... and resist the urge to buy for myself)

Here at brunch on his 29th, can't believe how fast a year has flown by!

- And I thought I would begin and end my post with a few pictures taken near my parents old house last fall, love this time of year, and will be breaking out my fall candles as soon as the clean up starts after the big bash at our place next weekend!

Hope everyone has a very happy weekend! Can't wait to catch up on blogs on Monday to see what you've all been up to!

XOXO- Miss. V

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  1. hmmmm the big 3-0... tough one... maybe do a bunch of small gifts... or take him to a few different restaurants for different things.. like drinks at one place, dinner at another, dessert at another... boys are tough to buy for!