Monday, September 13, 2010

I heart blogging...

I was a total failure at taking photos this weekend, which was what I had planned to blog about today... so I figured I would change it up a little bit and instead of doing a full weekend wrap-up I would try something new and introduce those of you who read (bloggers and non-bloggers) to a few blogs that I enjoy/ love/ obsessively read... ;)

I had great feedback from personal friends who might be newer to the "personal blog" format in regards to my Pioneer Woman post, that I thought why not talk up the other blogs I enjoy so that they (you) can check them out if you haven't already..

So for today I would like to introduce Kendall at "Keeping up with the Joneses"

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Like most of the blogs I read.. I really can't remember how or where I found Kendalls blog but ever since the first time I read it I have been hooked! I love her recipes and even though I am by no means a master in the kitchen I have actually made quite a few of her desserts, main dishes and sides. I love the way she lays them out step, by step and with tons of photos. I am a very visual learner so I totally appreciate this! She lives in the Memphis area with her dental school Hubby and works in advertising.

I love reading about these newlyweds since I have a few dentist friends and friends in the advertising world and I think it's interesting to see how things are or are not the same in other parts of the county. I think that her home decorating ideas and tips are great as well, and basically... she's just a down to earth totally adorable chick who I can relate to even though she lives thousands of miles away...which is why I heart connects you with people all over the world who you can relate to or learn something new from that you might otherwise never had the chance to know!

Enjoy meeting "Keeping up with the Joneses" and I hope it gives you some fun new reading material this Monday evening! Back to lesson planning for me!

XOXO- Miss. V

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