Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Ok well... if you thought the title of this post was lame... you might just want to reconsider reading this entire thing... if, however, you decide to read on.. just remember you have been warned, this is quite possibly the most boring post ever.

One thing that I have "learned" if you will, about blogging is that it's important to post often, to keep you in the habit of writing, and to keep those who read interested. I know that I look forward to coming home and checking up on my blog list and am always a little bummed if only a few have been updated, so I guess maybe one of you, some of you? Might possibly look forward to reading this hodge podge of thoughts as well? There are however, those days that although eventful for you would be totally boring for anyone else to read, luckily I have Mr. Jones to bore to death with my daily ramblings but lucky for you I started blogging so you get to hear it now too! Joy!

It was a normal day of student teaching I taught a number chart activity with a chart I had created. I insisted, (only to myself) that I make it "Fall" themed, so I decided that die cutting a million fall leaves would be a really "cute" (insert sarcasm) of me and my number chart. Well it did turn out pretty darn cute, however the intense ( insert sarcasm) and labor intensive job of getting all of my leaves perfect went entirely un-noticed by my batch of kinders.. oh well, it was a pretty good lesson overall and I got some great feedback from my master teacher, always a plus.

After school I was so excited to go to Target! If you do not live in a city or at least a major city that refuses to have a Target in it you will not understand why going to Target is so darn exciting but ever since I got a car I have been looking forward to taking off after school in the afternoon and making the trip avoiding the weekend madness that I had to endure when Mr. Jones could take me. ( Along with the constant pity party he threw for having to endure one of my all time favorite places... )

Anyhow I went with a mission, to buy a few much needed household items and to get some ideas of how we would decorate for the upcoming bash for the Mr.'s 30th.

As most Target trips go, I only ended up buying two things that I needed for the house and of course found a top and necklace for myself...hahah. So now for the Pièce de résistance here are my Target purchases, ( I warned you...this was lame, and yes.. I took the time to take photos, and yes I should be doing work right for a major project)

These are the cocktail napkins I bought for the party along with a bowl that was on sale for $1..the napkins kind of set the color theme for the night, so now that I have the ok, I can move forward with balloons, streamers, banner etc.

Here is one of the things that was actually on my list, I bought two of these found on clearance for $4 to store magazines in the living room.

And of course I couldn't resist yet another striped shirt ha! (half of my closet is full of stripe-y tops) Only $10 and this cute orange/ coral necklace also $10 I thought it would be cute for Oct. for Halloween and for Giants games if I EVER get to one! Also I am soo that teacher that likes to dress according to season/ holiday... I know super embarrassing.. I did resist the pumpkin earrings...however..there is still plenty of time to purchase them before Halloween. ;)

After all that I still need to do some more shopping for the house on Friday and hit Party City for decor, as well as Trader Joes for food and beverages for the party, but I thouroughly enjoyed my time at Target and am thinking I might head there once a week to peruse, (could be highly dangerous). It's just so nice to be able to go at 2pm on a weekday rather than noon on Saturday, I was in heaven! Ok well thank you for reading and if this was your first time stopping by the blog I certainly hope it wasn't the last, I promise to discuss much more intriguing and pressing items such as politics, the meaning of life and my dedication to saving the world, in upcoming posts... ok that's a lie it's pretty much this exciting all the time around here! Happy Hump Day!

XOXO- Miss. V

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  1. You are funny lady :) I enjoyed this post! And I totally agree, I get bummed when certain blogs havent been updated so keep blogging because your my blogging bestie!! Target=Heaven!! How far is it from you?? You can always always find something there! Looks like you found some good deals too!! And you arent lame for taking pictures, pictures make it all the better! xo
    P.S. get the pumpkin earings and post a picture of that hehe