Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tool Time..

Remember the show Home Improvement? Of course you do! Pretty sure anyone over the age of maybe 25 was madly in love with J.T.T and owned at least one Tiger Beat or Seventeen Magazine life size poster of him...or was that just me?

Anyhow, Mr. Jones is not exactly what I would call "Tim the Tool Man Taylor" but when pestered, bothered, harassed, "gently nudged" enough he will actually get around to taking care of things around the house! Now.. don't get me wrong I am perfectly capable of working a tool set to some degree...but...when you cohabitate with someone other than a roommate, who actually cares that things are not still hung with thumb tacks like the dorm room days.. you do have to take into consideration their time and opinion on home related decor...

I learned a HUGE lesson though this past weekend...choose a weekend that is all about them, and make the changes related to "their party" and they are suddenly more than willing to hit up MY I mean "their" favorite stores, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond...a little Tar-je perhaps???

Well we took care of a few items that have been on my "list" and I am happy to share with you my newly decorated home.... and if you thought my Target post was might want to hold on to your knickers for this one...because I am about to ROCK your world! Joy! (p.s if you didn't already know highlighted text is a case you actually did want to experience the "most boring post ever written" )

Here is the handyman himself...with my pink hammer...gotta love him..

So yes your eyes do not deceive you, that adorable pink hammer belongs to me, because well my "Tool Time" reference is really a joke..this guy doesn't even own a tool box...I do...and we always use the pink tools! I had been wanting to hang some photos I took in our hallway since we moved in so I finally convinced Mr. Jones to help me with this task.

Here he is using the PINK leveler... I bought this 4 pack of frames from BB&B for a cheap $15 and printed the 8x10 photos at Walgreens for only $ wall on a budget people!

The photos I took are from San Francisco & S.C, one from the Ferry Building just down the street, another from a hike I took with a teacher friend, and one from a famous diner on the Embarcadero, the American Flag one is from our Charleston trip.. I heart it the most!

The finished product!

We also did quite a few things in the bathroom. We switched out our shower head and bought an eco friendly one that saves about 40% in water and you would never know the difference! I would highly suggest this whether you pay your water bill or not, it's good for the earth and you can brag about being really into saving the planet. We also hung a full length mirror behind the door and bought another rug for under the sink for extra luxury while washing your hands. We're soo luxurious....

Next up... plants. We have a balcony off the living room the size of my thumb...not complaining b/c outdoor space in the city is hard to come by and the view will take your breath really..16 floors up you could actually pass out if you suffer from Vertigo..anyhow a few new plants make it really cozy looking..and I love our "love fern" ("How to Lose a Guy"reference for ya)

Isn't it quaint ;)

And what better way to celebrate the first day of Fall than with a little Fall Decor! Love it!!

And I am fully aware that the title of my blog is "Short & Sweet" and my usual post is novel length...I apologize...the rambling stops now! Enjoy your evening and I look forward to catching up on all my blogs right NOW!...

XOXO- Miss. V


  1. Those pictures look so incredible. You have provided some great inspiration for me!! I've been feeling in a rut and have a little list building. My bf is pretty good about this stuff and likes to get in their with the building and home improvement stuff so thank you for lighting a fire.

    Your place looks so great and you got so much accomplished. That really is the best feeling, isn't it?


  2. Those pictures are amazing! I love it when projects are finished. Nice work!

  3. Love the little glimpse of your fall decor!! :)