Thursday, January 26, 2012


Since I'm only teaching part time for my first year I've been lucky enough to fill my other days loving on and taking care of my friends kids. I can't wait for my very own full time classroom next year but until then I make the very best of the time I have now with the three "other men" I have in my life.

On Thursdays I get to spend my afternoons with M&M. They're pretty lovable. They're brothers and they're twins. It's a bit of a double cuteness overload.

Happy almost Friday friends! Hope your Thursday has been as sweet as mine.

Xoxo- Miss V.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday...Chopped!

Hello loves hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday. I'm feeling super shiny and new after a trip to the hair salon today! Nothing like sporting a brand new "do" to make you feel like a new woman! It's no secret that I love changing up my hairstyle, whether it's color or length I've just about done it all, but my go to is a simple a-line short hair cut that I keep modifying depending on my mood. I adore short hair and seriously daydream about the perfect pixie. I however have been there, done that and well I'm no Mia Farrow, so unfortunately I'll just have to admire all of those tiny featured ingenues from afar.

Some of my favorite cropped beauties....

 Michelle Williams of it edgy

or... short and sweet

 this perfectly pixied pinterest find...

and the adorably coiffed Audrey Tatou.

 This Charlize pic is from pinterest, but I have had the magazine clipping of this hair cut filed away for years. I love this cut and refer back to this image almost every time I chop my hair!

And I have been lusting over January Jones' longer bob since she debuted it last year.

So... today with my pin board full of "pinspiration" I headed over to the hair salon and let my hair stylist go to town on my very grown out hair! I think the last time I had it cut was in July? Now I need to preface my photos for you... A) I just showed you about a million pictures of models and celebrities so let's just keep that in mind. mmk? B) These were taken in my very unprofessional bedroom "studio" HA on the mac photobooth because I am super Kewl like that. C) Please ignore the "senior portrait" pose in photo 2. And lastly, you know I took like 38583475834593847583475 photos before I settled on these "gems" (don't act like you don't do the same thing).
So please be kind ;)

Short & Sweet...

So What I'm LOVING today is my new "do" and all of the amazing inspiration I've found on the time suck that is Pinterest. hahah. 
Happy hump day loves!

XOXO- Miss V.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


It's been a rainy weekend in San Francisco, we're cozied up on the couch today ready to cheer on our Forty Niners and hopefully score a win. Despite the weather outside I've managed to have a pretty full weekend catching up with friends and staying dry either cuddled up on  the couch for a girls night in, or inside candlelit restaurants sipping cocktails on a fun double date night. Happy to have shared my weekend with loved ones that warm my soul on a cold and dreary weekend.

Love these rainy day images found here

 Gina our Friday night hostess with the mostest for a fun girls night in ;)

And this sweet pup who joined in on the fun.

 Double date night with The Grinde's

Happy weekending friends and cheers to a great week ahead!

xoxo-miss v.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday...Having it All.

Another "What I'm Loving Wednesday" that covers a few things here and there that stand out to me this week. I have been thinking a lot lately about the idea of being able to "do it all" trying to balance work, a social life, time for Mr. Jones and I, time for family, time for "me" like exercise and reading, time for cooking most nights, cleaning the house, taking care of laundry etc. I struggle like most people do with how and where to give a little here and there and what to truly focus on. I have been trying to give myself 2 goals to accomplish by the end of each day, whether it be go to the gym, and do some extra classroom work, or go to the grocery store and write a blog post it varies. Along with my regular schedule for the day I have really been trying to write down my goals in a reasonable manner, and making sure to physically check them off once they are accomplished. Giving myself only 2 a day has really helped me from creating over the top lists about everything and anything and it has also helped me to take away the excess and focus on what really needs to be accomplished THAT day in order for the next one to be less overwhelming or more successful.

Now this may seem like no big deal for some of you but I am a list maker by nature and can easily overwhelm myself with what seems like a never ending list of things to do, make, buy, create, problems to solve, errands to run etc etc, there I go "listing" again... This has truly helped me to focus, organize my time, and make each day purposeful without feeling like I'm trying to take on the world, and never truly succeeding. This past week some of my goals were to spend meaningful time with friends, read a new book, and work on a classroom project. So it may only be little things, but goal by goal and day by day I'm feeling more like the girl who is living a more intentional and rewarding life by choosing to focus on those little things and at the end of the day my minor accomplishments make me feel like the girl who has it all.

I am LOVING girls night in at my place. Games, wine, and Miss America, yes please!

A few of my pinterest inspired apps and wine

Even Kates sweet pup Toby couldn't take his eyes off the Miss America pageant ha!

I am LOVING the GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design) trainings I have attended the last 2 days for work. Not only have I been totally inspired by these techniques and can't wait to apply them in the classroom but I have also enjoyed catching up with some of my other 1st year teacher friends from other schools and getting time to share the ups and downs of the year so far. Free therapy and such positive and amazing teachers. I'm so excited to share this career with them.

I am LOVING that I am already on book 2 of my 10 book challenge for the year! Book one was another Debbie Macomber story The Man You'll Marry. While I really enjoyed her Christmas stories for fun light reading this one was a little too predictable and it ended up being painfully boring for me towards the end. Oh well. I am really excited about book two which is a total departure from fluffy romance...

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes!

I downloaded it for free on my Kindle and have enjoyed reading one short story each night before bed. The Kindle has also been great because since the book was written in the late 1800's some of the vocabulary can be a little difficult, as in some of the items or things he talks about just don't really exist anymore. However with a click of my finger over the word the definition immediately pops up, so no getting lost by the text or having to run to wiki or the dictionary to find meanings.

And speaking of Sherlock we are loving the updated BBC America version.


We're pretty big BBC America fans over here.

That's all for today friends, hope your week has been filled with lots to love, big and small.

XOXO- Miss V.

Monday, January 16, 2012


This past Saturday Mr. Jones and I were fortunate enough to attend one of the most spectacular NFL Playoff games to date. Not only that but we were there supporting our home team the San Francisco 49ers, and it was also my very first professional football game. Oh and did I forget to mention we won. Totally winning, all around.

What an awesome day. Fingers crossed we can score another win this upcoming weekend.

Hope all of you lovelies had a winning weekend as well.

XOXO- Miss V.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday...hodgepodge

Happy hump day loves! I love Wednesdays it's my day "off" although I do sub from time to time on Wednesdays I usually take advantage of having one day in the work week that is not scheduled. Sometimes I get a lot done on Wednesdays and sometimes I just take advantage and enjoy the day doing whatever I please. Today was a nice mix of both.

I am loving my morning run... usually I work out after work, I would love to be a morning runner, but considering I leave the house at about the same time the sun comes up it's just not something I really ever do. Today however was glorious.

After my run I took care of some housekeeping and laundry and then it was off to the park for a lunch date with this cutie pie and his mommy...

Say cheese ;)

The rest of the day was spent taking care of things at home, spending some quality time with Mr. Jones and making dinner.

In other news I am loving that I have a fun little "Girls Night In" planned at my place for Sat. Games, wine, and apps are all on the agenda and I cannot wait.

A little quality girl time is always welcome.

And I just feel totally compelled to share my newest obsession, but I am LOVING like totally obsessing over Downton Abbey.

Cannot get enough of this show...

I am telling you right now WATCH it. Drama, romance, scandal, GORGEOUS clothing and scenery to die for. I have to admit I am a total sucker for a period piece but really I cannot imagine anyone not loving this show. I totally missed out on season one but over the holiday break I netflixed it and became addicted. Lucky for me season two just started and I am dying in anticipation of Sunday already.

Watch season one just do it, and then catch up with season 2 on OnDemand. You will not regret it!

Lady Sybil...

Lady Mary...

I may have gone overboard on pinterest looking at Downton images. skdjf.

Total hodgepodge I know, but some days are just like that. Hope Wednesday finds all of you loving all kinds of things as well.

xoxo- miss v.