Saturday, January 7, 2012

Before and After...

Happy Saturday friends hope you've all been enjoying a wonderful day off from the regular hustle and bustle. I know we are. I went for a beautiful 3 mile run along the waterfront today on a path I just discovered practically outside my front door. I was pretty excited about finding this gem as running is something I would really like to incorporate into my regular exercise schedule.

Taken on my run this am. Beautiful day in the city.

Later today we're headed down to the Joneses to celebrate family Christmas, since we were a bit delayed in that dept. this year ha! In other weekend news I'm tackling some house projects and while doing so I found myself looking back at how far our little home has come in one year, I thought I would share some before and afters!

Living together has always thankfully been something that has felt so natural, we've never gone through any kind of adjustment period and it's all actually been quite wonderful, really. The only issue we've ever really had is our taste in how to furnish and decorate our home. It's a continual work and progress and will obviously change with the space itself. I prefer a softer more feminine look and Mr. Jones tends to lean towards minimalist modernism. Two very different approaches to decorating... but in the last year the house has really gone through a transformation embracing the best of both worlds, that, or Mr. Jones has just lost his say ;) (I kid..kind of ha)

Here is the before, last January.

I have really struggled trying to keep a balance of "modern" and clean while also making the house feel like "me". This time last year I was really in a design rut on how to do that...

But, over the course of one year the living room has slowly evolved to this...

Ahhh... much better, soft and inviting while still keeping it simple and modern.

My first step was replacing the art behind the couch. I was inspired by a photo from Elle Decor and decided to break up the large wall with two prints in big white clean frames. From that point forward it was obvious to me that sticking to a white/cream color palette with a few "pops" of color would keep the space simple and uniformed but also soft and not so "modern" and harsh looking as before with the darker bold colors.

They inspired the pillows, throw blankets and other accents around the room.

Greens, golds, and silvers have been the accent colors thus far. Inspired by this print and the ones behind the couch. Most recently I re-did this side table with silver frames and a few new vases.

It's no secret that I love taking pictures, especially of those that I love. Finding ways to incorporate them into my everyday makes me a happy girl.

I went on a mini shopping spree at Home Goods earlier this week and for under $100 I bought new vases all new frames a new pillow for the couch that I am in LOVE with. I had been mulling over what to do with this side table for forever, so although I bought all of it in one day it had been on my mind for a few months now. I am so happy with the way it's all turned out.

Nothing like a few fresh new pieces to inspire change in the New Year. Wishing you all a very happy weekend whether you're spending it in your own home sweet home or soaking up some sunshine and fresh air hope it's a lovely one.

XOXO- Miss V.


  1. Everything looks great! I especially like the frames! Home Goods is the best place to find things like that :)

  2. WOW! Love you living room - those silver frames are GREAT!!! Also, what a great place to run! Don't you love working out outside???


  4. Love your style girl! It looks great :)