Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday...well hello.

Hello? Anyone there? I know there has been some serious blogging neglect around these parts and I do feel a little guilty because I certainly haven't stopped reading any of yours.  I've just been a bit relaxed about keeping up appearances on my end. Most of the time writing.. ok blogging.. is a nice little therapeutic escape, it's fun to put words and thoughts to photos and memories or to hash out what's on my mind. Other times though it feels nice to not have to add "blog" to what seems like a never ending "to-do" list and and at the end of the day it seems to be the one thing that continuously gets pushed aside.  Alas, here I am and happy to share a few little snapshots of life lately and what better day to get back into the swing of things than Wednesday! Just in time for Jamies link up!

Here's a glimpse into some of the things that have been happening around here, all wondeful and lovely things that bring so much joy to my heart. For all of them I am thankful.

My Firsties and I had an adventure at the zoo where we watched wide eyed in wonder at all of the beautiful creatures...

Mr. Jones and I spent time at his parents celebrating Dad Jones' birthday...

We made an overnight of it and spent the next morning drinking coffees on the patio...

and brunching in the garden...

We hosted a game night with friends, food, and drinks...

and I celebrated my cousin Ambers birthday while she was in town from NC.

Last weekend we braved the wind and spent the day in the (chilly) sun bundled with blankets and good food to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the always lovely and stunning Golden Gate Bridge..

She never ceases to take my breath away. 
Live music, a picnic blanket, Mr. Jones, and the city I call home. True Love.

So there it is a little of what I'm loving on this Wednesday. Off this weekend to Napa to celebrate a dear friends fling before the ring. I'm sure it will provide plenty to post about upon our return and probably a few things that won't show up here ;) Happy to be back on the blog. Wishing you all lots of lovely things as well.

XOXO- Miss V.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spring is...

Early morning runs...

 (all photos taken on my run)

I had been waiting with excited anticipation for the sun to start showing up early enough for me to head out on morning runs...when I workout in the morning it's usually too dark so I do a dvd or head to the gym...but I have a pretty good feeling that runs will now be a part of the regular rotation. Pure bliss.

Bright flowers....

Pretty fresh flowers in the house adding just the perfect pop of color to our otherwise neutral abode.
I love these pretties soo much, the height is perfect the color is perfectly pink and they add a fun element to the color scheme. I'm now on the search for some really nice silk ones that I can use all year round ;)

School Carnivals....

There is at least one school carnival happening each weekend until the middle of June! Ours happened to be a few weekends ago and it was so much fun cheering on my kiddos in their fun run, spending time with families and enjoying some sunshine and downtime with co-workers. I love teaching for so many reasons but the sense of community that comes with teaching has to be on the top of my list. It takes a lot of hard work between parents and teachers to provide events like this that bring everyone together to boost school spirit and I am so grateful to be a part of such an amazing school community with great families and educators.

Spring is... all of these things and so much more.. spring is also quickly turning into summer! Only 4 weeks left until summer break! Per usual I am overwhelmed with decisions about what to do over the break... hoping to have everything decided by Monday!

Hope your spring thus far has been filled with all kinds of lovely things.

XOXO- Miss V.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Some weekends...

It really is hard to have a bad weekend in my opinion. The fact that you can sleep in pretty much ensures that the weekend will be excellent in my book. However, some weekends really are just more awesome than others. This was one of those weekends. The kind that you'll think back to often and wish you could have more of. In my humble opinion a weekend that combines family and friend time is pretty much perfection. Throw in some sunshine, blue skies, cocktails, walks by the water, and lots of yummy meals out plus my roomie and her husband and this girl had it made.

Rooftop Friday happy hour with my loves at THIS new favorite find.

 Love Ms. Graham

 Southern inspired soul food dinner HERE ..and then after dinner drinks HERE... all "new to me" spots in SF! Always fun to broaden the dinner and drinks horizons ;)

 We're all clearly on trend with our bold pops of color ;)

 We had a lovely mothers day in the city brunching with the Joneses and family, sunshine and blue skies... couldn't have asked for a more perfect ending to another great weekend.

 Love them all.

Hope yours was just as lovely friends.

XOXO- Miss V.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

What I'm Loving... Thursday?

I'm late on my favorite post! I've been completely consumed with worrying/planning for the next school year. If you're new here, I currently teach part time in 1st and 2nd grade, the other days I have been lucky enough to take care of some sweet babes, but my teaching heart really wants my very own classroom next year, and that's been the plan all along since getting my credential. It's been a crazy year and a half of subbing, then working part time, and now making all the plans, crossing all of my t's dotting all of my i's and doing everything in my power to ensure that I'll have a room of my own that's the best fit possible. So... having said that it's been hard to focus or really think about anything else lately since almost all of my efforts have been going towards that!

Moving on... I still wanted to participate in Jamies What I'm Loving Wednesday because I have a few fun things I wanted to share!


 This sweet book. I heard about this little collection of real life love stories over at Specky & Sally and I have to say.. I could not. put. it. down. Eventually I did though because I was turning into a blubbering mess and I'm pretty sure Mr. Jones needed a break ;)  This is a sweet collection of stories transcribed from 40 minute "interviews" set up in a booth in Grand Central Station in NYC. They will have you laughing and crying and falling in love... with.. love. Mr. Jones and I read a few together on the couch, it was very romantic. That is until I was snot nosed and puffy from all the sweet tears ;)


This movie... I mentioned last week that we were off to see The Five Year Engagement and I have to give a little recommendation! We saw that it was 5th in the box office on it's opening weekend and both of us were a little surprised. It's the perfect amount of funny and sweet, set in San Francisco partly which I loved and has an amazing soundtrack filled with Van Morrison covers. The story was silly and fun (LOVE Jason Segal and Chris Pratt)  yet incredibly touching and real. You'll laugh a lot, and if you're like me probably cry quite a bit as well.  Lovely little movie.


Spring runs. With the weather being sunny and warm (ahhemm minus today) I've been trying to get plenty of outdoors time in. Whether it's heading out on a run or taking a stroll by the water with my love. Loved seeing all of these people lunching in the park yesterday on their lunch breaks!


A few new additions to my closet! I have a few fun events coming up and had been wanting something new to wear. Because I am a die hard budget shopper I decided to see what Marshalls had and happily walked out with this pretty new tunic blouse for $12.99... excited for all of the possibilities. Love a good staple.

I also wanted to point out that this necklace which is almost an exact copy of the coveted JCrew one I've been seeing on so many blogs, is from H&M and I'm pretty sure it was about $12. I LOVE it and pair it with everything. It has come unclasped twice but to repair it's only taken a pair of tweezers to close the chain. Personally I like it better than the JCrew version because it's a bit "chunkier".


Mr. Jones surprised me yesterday with this new jacket! I was so excited because I had been on the hunt for some new outdoor workout gear. It did the job perfectly yesterday on my run and I know it will be in regular rotation. ;)

Hope you too have lots to love this week! Crossing my fingers that I'll have some good classroom news to share this time next week! Feel free to send good vibes my way!

XOXO- Miss V.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thank You.

I've won an award... or at least I've been tagged in a fun little getting to know you post by the lovely and darling Eesh over at The Other Side of Paradise ;) who awarded me with the Versatile Blogger Award ;)

Thank You! For the lovely award ;)

I'm not going to "award" 15 bloggers as the  "rules" suggest, because I would love anyone who comments to feel free to do this themselves! I love getting to know all of you through fun little posts so please feel free to reference myself or Eesh if you want to play along!!

Seven random facts... and trust me, my brain is mush... this will be very very random.

1. I have serious OCD about things being "just so" if a towel is not hanging "just so" a pillow in my line of sight is not "just so" or the blinds are not perfectly aligned it gives me the heebie jeebies. (is that a word?) I literally don't feel relaxed. This only happens in my own house though... honestly if I'm at yours I could care less which way your towels hang :)

This seriously made me laugh out loud. That's exactly what I'm talking about!

2.  I have spent countless hours scouring craigslist for stollers and highchairs and gliders. I'M NOT EVEN ENGAGED. I like to plan ahead ;) and I like a good deal. What can I say. I have  also threatened on several occasions to pick said items up because of the bargain. You can only imagine how Mr. Jones feels about all of this.

My current crush the OXO high chair. Swoon. (serious issues over here I know)

3. I shower at night. If I workout in the morning that means I take two showers. Working with kids all day just makes me want to take a shower at the end of the day. I'm constantly moving, cleaning, and touching all kinds of germs.

This looks heavenly! Yes please!

4. I hate washing my hair. Detest it. I can take two showers a day happily, yet I kick and scream on "hair washing days".

5. I watch Everybody Loves Raymond every night in bed before I fall asleep. I love that show and it makes me laugh out loud..for real.

6.  The only time I listen to "current" music these days is on my commute in my car or while I'm working out. At home I always play jazz, oldies, or whatever happens to pop up in my French Cafe on Pandora...ok and the Buble station... I guess that counts as "current" but it doesn't make me very "cool" HA ;)

We almost always listen to music while cooking, eating, and cleaning up which also leads into a little impromptu dancing. It may not be the coolest but a little bit of Miles Davis and some slow dancing in the kitchen sure is sweet.

7. Having said that... we are going to see The Black Keys on Saturday with friends, which I'm really excited about but I do feel like a total mom these days when it comes to concert going. I swear I used to be really cool and do things like that all the time. Between KFOG and Mr. Jones to keep me up on good music,  I'm trying my best to at least act like a cool kid ;)

If you would like to play please feel free to tag along with a little getting to know you post of 7 random facts! If you would like to follow the "rules" feel free to jump over to Eesh's blog for details!

Happy almsot hump day friends! See you tomorrow for WILW!

XOXO- Miss V.