Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Lovin'

Another busy week, another late What I'm Loving Wednesday post.. what's new right? It has felt like the looonngeesstt week for some reason, maybe because the promise of a three day weekend loomed in the distance, maybe it was because of the super fun and busy previous weekend away, (that I've needed all week to catch up from) or perhaps it was because our weekly field trip was pushed until today, a day later than usual that has me all out of sorts, but this lady is going to be shouting for joy come 4pm tomorrow afternoon!

Per usual there's a few little things that I'm loving this week, that aren't all that exciting but worth noting at least and thought I would share!

I'm LOVING.. that Mr. Jones took over cooking dinner twice this week! This used to be his every evening job, until I finally learned to cook and now LOVE and look forward to it every night! My how things change!

On Tuesdays menu was Paula Deens' amazing Salmon Burgers and Emerils French Fries! Yum! And I'm sure my mother would be happy to know we have used the deep fryer she gave us twice of which she actually did the cooking in when I invited her over for dinner...oops. She's a true Southern momma who gifted all of her children a deep fryer a few Christmas' ago Ha!

I've also started my 5th book of 2011! My New Years Resolution was to read 12 books in 2011, and I'm a little behind on schedule but with a vacation on the distant horizon and most of Aug. off I'm sure I will catch up if not exceed that goal!

The Child of the Holy Grail, The Help, The Knight of the Sacred Lake, Sleeping Arrangements (wasn't a fan) and not pictured Pionneer Woman's Black Heels to Tractor Wheels!
As you can see my taste in books is quite eclectic!

I'm LOVING the third and final book in my Guenevere Trilogy...and yes... I am one of those people (ahhem total NERD) who is obsessed with the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. So I have LOVED this series and plan to read more from this author!

I'm LOVING this weeks fieldtrip! We headed to the Marin County Fair today! A beautiful location, lots of fun kid friendly rides and activities and lots of warm sunshine made my day complete!

I'm also LOVING that this weekend marks the 2 year anniversary of Mr. Jones and I living together! Two great years and two amazing apartments later I can say that I love living with this man! I'm so lucky that I get to wake up to and fall asleep next to my favorite person in the world every day. We're so compatible together and we've really never had to deal with getting used to living together. Sharing a home with him these last two years have been some of the most wonderful and happiest times of my life and I look forward to many many more!

Just moved in! July 4th weekend 2009! (our 1st place)

July 4th weekend 2010! (About a month before we moved into our current apt.)

We've had some great July 4th weekends these last two years! Moving in together and watching the fireworks with my parents from our 1st balcony in '09, and the amazing Symphony in the park last year! This year we are headed to a Giants baseball game to celebrate Independence day! How American of us!

Early Happy Friday to all of you! Can't wait to take tons of pics from our weekend festivities to share with all of you!

xoxo-miss v.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Beautiful Day...

I don't know how I'll ever be able to plan my own wedding one day, after I keep getting invited to the most amazing celebrations. The bar has been set high my friends. Another beautiful wedding this past weekend, a true testament of family, friends, love and how two people coming together can create complete magic.

We made our way up to Sonoma County on Friday evening for a night under the redwoods for a meet and greet dinner followed by many drinks with family and friends after, ending with a guitar sing a long by the pool. If you know me in real probably can guess that I was the first and last one out there singing, requesting Beatles White album...late, late, late into the night. Classic yes...Classy..well.... ;)

Meet & Greet...

A beautiful night under a canopy of green...

Mums & Dads...

The "Jo Bro's"

A beautiful day...leads into a late night of fun...

After plenty of rest we headed out for some late brunch! How cute is our mini cabin for the weekend! Short & Sweet size!


Love the detail! mmm

We spent the day of the wedding eating lots of delicious food at the hotel restaurant and took full advantage of our beautiful surroundings by enjoying some serious sun, food, and relaxation!

Choosing our lounging location from our brunch spot on the patio! Ha!

After a relaxing afternoon it was time for the main event! This was such an incredible wedding for so many reasons, but the most unique aspect was the fact that it was a traditional Indian wedding, which I had never been to before. It was stunning, from the colors, to the music and chanting, to the most beautiful words and service. The ceremony stresses the importance of the bride and the joining of two families. Every member of the family is involved and there are so many beautiful promises and vows said between the bride and groom. It was such an intimate and emotional ceremony, it was truly a beautiful day.

The groom and his family walk down the aisle...

The bride and her ladies escorting her down the aisle

Pure joy and happiness...

Officially Mr. & Mrs. Scott!

After the ceremony it was off to the orchard for dinner and toasting! Followed by the most insane dance party! I'm still sore!

Beautiful colors...everywhere you looked


Our table dates... Alex Jones & Gina..and...

Alan & Carolyn...


Jo Bro's...

The Joneses! Loved Mum Jones' fascinator! How British of her!

Dancin' in the moonlight...

We wrapped up the evening by tearing up the dance floor a perfect ending to an amazing wedding! I'm so lucky to be a part of this amazing group of family and friends, it was a beautiful weekend with so much love, so many people from near and far were there, all the way from England and India, the Midwest, East coast and here in the Bay Area. And yet everyone seamlessly came together as if we do this every weekend! Magical I tell ya.

We wrapped everything up on Sunday with a drive home along the coast.

It was a beautiful day.

Happy Monday friends.

xoxo- miss v

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Lovin'

A little late... but that just seems to be my schedule this week! Joining Jamie for WILW! Even if it is almost Thursday!

There's so much to love about summer. This week has definitely felt like summer here in Northern CA and I am loving it! I rarely complain about the heat because we feel soo little of it! I have been working on a mean TOMS tan during recess time apparently because I actually wore "dress" shoes for a meeting today and realized that my tootsies have been getting some serious sun! Ha.. it was really attractive. In any event here is a super random list of what I'm loving so far this summer! Hope you enjoy!

I am LOVING my new summer purse!

Nice but not too expensive, durable for all of my "teacher stuff" and still cute enough to use after the school day is over!

I had been looking for the perfect "summer purse" since last summer! I couldn't make up my mind but knew that I didn't want to carry my giant black leather Coach around filled with sunscreen, water bottle, hand sani, and snacks! I like to have all of the necessary teacher items on me at all times but still want to look cute..hahah. This was perfect, I found it on DSW and I can use it for school and personal use. I also liked that it came in lighter tones for summer. NERD alert. I know.

I am LOVING that summer means field trips every week!

In awe of the giant aquarium at the Academy of Sciences!

Field trips can be a lot of work. But, at the end of the day it's a great feeling knowing that your kiddos had the time of their life... and sometimes, you do too..let me introduce you to...

Fairyland... aka Miss V's favorite field trip 2 summers in a row!

I ADORE this place. It's fairy tale/ storybook/ nursery rhyme themed. It's relatively queit, all of the rides are for little ones only, there is a puppet show with real marionette puppets and well I am totally still a little girl at heart and could spend all day walking around here!

Oh and yea.. the 5 year olds seemed relatively amused as well... hahaha

The most perfect little chapel ever built totally for me! It's teeny tiny! I could sit inside all day!

And one thing that will never change about summer no matter how old I am is ICE CREAM!

I am LOVING these skinny cow bars and Mr. Jones is crazy about the White Chocolate Magnum bars!

Nothing tastes better on a warm night with the patio door open and a breeze!

I told you it was random, but that's life right now, all over the place! A few other notable things to love this week is my new shorter summer hairdo! I don't have a pic yet but should get some at the wedding this weekend! And.... drum-roll... I have a teaching position for the Fall! I've known about it for some time but didn't want to say anything on the blog until I signed my paper work! Which I did today! It's part time, job- sharing with two teachers which I know sounds hectic, but I LOVE the school, I worked there a lot as a sub, and I LOVE my principal, which means a lot to me. I'll be in a 3rd grade classroom and a 1st grade classroom for this year, with hopes of having my own next year... fingers crossed. It's not the "ideal" situation but it's my ideal and total dream school, staff, and location so I'm really happy and so excited to see what the Fall has in store!

Can't wait for things to slow down a tiny bit so I can catch up on what everyone else is loving this week!

XOXO- Miss V

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Precious Moments...

Between, fieldtrips every week, swimming with the kids, lesson plans, library trips, hosting friends, cooking, cleaning, running errands, planning events and one night out way past my bedtime, I have been a lady on the constant go. I apologize for my complete lack of posts as of late, but there honestly hasn't been time for me to sit down and really collect my thoughts. Amidst all of the busyness though it's so nice to slow down, and really enjoy the little moments that make up this busy life, spend time with loved ones, and remember that it all goes by so fast, in the blink of an eye, and maybe a moment to slow down every week or day really goes a long way.

We had a wonderful Sunday celebrating our fathers. As I imagine I always will, I missed celebrating in NYC with my family and Dad, but I do know that I will be seeing them very soon which makes it so much better. I am also lucky enough to have two "father figures" in my life and I get to spend family time with the Joneses which means so much to me. We spent the day taking it easy, with lots of talking, laughing, and reminiscing. It was the perfect remedy to a busy week.

Lots of time spent outside taking in the gorgeous weather and view...that was.. after the US Open was over... ;)

A perfect hideaway from city life...

Mr. Jones version of relaxing...

and working hard... ha!!!

Outdoor dining, the best part of summer!

The Joneses!

After a huge bbq dinner, a few fathers day gifts and lots of laughs we decided to look at some old family photos...I had only ever seen one picture of Mr. Jones as a baby in my almost ten years of knowing him!! And Fathers day seemed like a perfect occasion to drag out all of the pictures and look back at their family history.

When you've known someone as long as Mr. Jones and I have you hear a lot about their childhood from them and their parents. You hear stories of who their parents were before kids came along, what life in 1960's London was like, how they met, how they raised their boys, and what kind of a young family they were. To see so much of it in their photos was such a lovely moment in time that I will forever cherish. I'm so in love with this family and so happy that they share so much of who they are with me.

Melts my heart how precious he was!

I mean... seriously.

I just wish I could hear his precious little English boy voice.. omg I die. Sorry I know complete mushy overkill here. I just

Love making our own family memories now...while looking back on those precious moments of the past.

I may be a complete crazy lady with my camera on me 24/7 but it's moments like this that I think about almost every time I take a photo. I can't wait to share our history with our children and then one day with their children. Precious moments like these will always be the perfect way to celebrate family, a reason to slow down, and the perfect ending to a beautiful day.

Hope to be back in better blogging mode soon! We have a great weekend getaway to wine country ahead of us and a wedding to attend so I will definitely be posting about that soon!

Until next time!

XOXO- Miss V

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Food Coma.

A little photo montage of the last two weekends. Food was a major theme. Pretty sure at least a long walk is in my near future. Especially since the gluttony only continues this evening, as Sunday at our house is known as Pizza Sunday. Hope your weekends have been just as yummy.

Weekends are for...

Pizza & Movie Dates with The Grinde's

kitchen photo shoots...

and cute dinner dates.

Weekends are for...

French cafes....and GIANT foamy drinks

Weekends are for...

Group dinner dates with the besties....near and far.

cocktails and getting dressed up...

Weekends are for...

Bloody mary's....

and sun drenched patios...

Weekends are for....

Greasy spoons...and fountain drinks...

Weekends are for...

Throwing the words diet... and calorie counting out the window.

Stuffed, happy, and rested.

Be well my lovelies!- Miss V