Monday, June 27, 2011

Beautiful Day...

I don't know how I'll ever be able to plan my own wedding one day, after I keep getting invited to the most amazing celebrations. The bar has been set high my friends. Another beautiful wedding this past weekend, a true testament of family, friends, love and how two people coming together can create complete magic.

We made our way up to Sonoma County on Friday evening for a night under the redwoods for a meet and greet dinner followed by many drinks with family and friends after, ending with a guitar sing a long by the pool. If you know me in real probably can guess that I was the first and last one out there singing, requesting Beatles White album...late, late, late into the night. Classic yes...Classy..well.... ;)

Meet & Greet...

A beautiful night under a canopy of green...

Mums & Dads...

The "Jo Bro's"

A beautiful day...leads into a late night of fun...

After plenty of rest we headed out for some late brunch! How cute is our mini cabin for the weekend! Short & Sweet size!


Love the detail! mmm

We spent the day of the wedding eating lots of delicious food at the hotel restaurant and took full advantage of our beautiful surroundings by enjoying some serious sun, food, and relaxation!

Choosing our lounging location from our brunch spot on the patio! Ha!

After a relaxing afternoon it was time for the main event! This was such an incredible wedding for so many reasons, but the most unique aspect was the fact that it was a traditional Indian wedding, which I had never been to before. It was stunning, from the colors, to the music and chanting, to the most beautiful words and service. The ceremony stresses the importance of the bride and the joining of two families. Every member of the family is involved and there are so many beautiful promises and vows said between the bride and groom. It was such an intimate and emotional ceremony, it was truly a beautiful day.

The groom and his family walk down the aisle...

The bride and her ladies escorting her down the aisle

Pure joy and happiness...

Officially Mr. & Mrs. Scott!

After the ceremony it was off to the orchard for dinner and toasting! Followed by the most insane dance party! I'm still sore!

Beautiful colors...everywhere you looked


Our table dates... Alex Jones & Gina..and...

Alan & Carolyn...


Jo Bro's...

The Joneses! Loved Mum Jones' fascinator! How British of her!

Dancin' in the moonlight...

We wrapped up the evening by tearing up the dance floor a perfect ending to an amazing wedding! I'm so lucky to be a part of this amazing group of family and friends, it was a beautiful weekend with so much love, so many people from near and far were there, all the way from England and India, the Midwest, East coast and here in the Bay Area. And yet everyone seamlessly came together as if we do this every weekend! Magical I tell ya.

We wrapped everything up on Sunday with a drive home along the coast.

It was a beautiful day.

Happy Monday friends.

xoxo- miss v


  1. Gorgeous. Simply beautiful wedding. Love all the bright colors from their wedding! Congrats to the beautiful couple :)

    Great pictures, A! Absolutely beautiful scenery. You and Mr Jones look lovely together!!


  2. Ok, so much to talk about. 1. you look gorg 2. what an awesome setting - everyone/everything seems so relaxed! 3. i've always wanted to go to a traditional indian wedding - if you get invited to another, can i be your date;) hope your summer is going well! xx.

  3. What a beautiful wedding!

    Love the picture of y'all at the reception!

  4. Wow...stunning wedding is right! And you and the Mr. look super cute too! :)