Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Lovin'

A little late... but that just seems to be my schedule this week! Joining Jamie for WILW! Even if it is almost Thursday!

There's so much to love about summer. This week has definitely felt like summer here in Northern CA and I am loving it! I rarely complain about the heat because we feel soo little of it! I have been working on a mean TOMS tan during recess time apparently because I actually wore "dress" shoes for a meeting today and realized that my tootsies have been getting some serious sun! Ha.. it was really attractive. In any event here is a super random list of what I'm loving so far this summer! Hope you enjoy!

I am LOVING my new summer purse!

Nice but not too expensive, durable for all of my "teacher stuff" and still cute enough to use after the school day is over!

I had been looking for the perfect "summer purse" since last summer! I couldn't make up my mind but knew that I didn't want to carry my giant black leather Coach around filled with sunscreen, water bottle, hand sani, and snacks! I like to have all of the necessary teacher items on me at all times but still want to look cute..hahah. This was perfect, I found it on DSW and I can use it for school and personal use. I also liked that it came in lighter tones for summer. NERD alert. I know.

I am LOVING that summer means field trips every week!

In awe of the giant aquarium at the Academy of Sciences!

Field trips can be a lot of work. But, at the end of the day it's a great feeling knowing that your kiddos had the time of their life... and sometimes, you do too..let me introduce you to...

Fairyland... aka Miss V's favorite field trip 2 summers in a row!

I ADORE this place. It's fairy tale/ storybook/ nursery rhyme themed. It's relatively queit, all of the rides are for little ones only, there is a puppet show with real marionette puppets and well I am totally still a little girl at heart and could spend all day walking around here!

Oh and yea.. the 5 year olds seemed relatively amused as well... hahaha

The most perfect little chapel ever built totally for me! It's teeny tiny! I could sit inside all day!

And one thing that will never change about summer no matter how old I am is ICE CREAM!

I am LOVING these skinny cow bars and Mr. Jones is crazy about the White Chocolate Magnum bars!

Nothing tastes better on a warm night with the patio door open and a breeze!

I told you it was random, but that's life right now, all over the place! A few other notable things to love this week is my new shorter summer hairdo! I don't have a pic yet but should get some at the wedding this weekend! And.... drum-roll... I have a teaching position for the Fall! I've known about it for some time but didn't want to say anything on the blog until I signed my paper work! Which I did today! It's part time, job- sharing with two teachers which I know sounds hectic, but I LOVE the school, I worked there a lot as a sub, and I LOVE my principal, which means a lot to me. I'll be in a 3rd grade classroom and a 1st grade classroom for this year, with hopes of having my own next year... fingers crossed. It's not the "ideal" situation but it's my ideal and total dream school, staff, and location so I'm really happy and so excited to see what the Fall has in store!

Can't wait for things to slow down a tiny bit so I can catch up on what everyone else is loving this week!

XOXO- Miss V


  1. Thanks for playing along, girl!

    LOVE the new bag!

    Congratulations on the job! That's SO exciting :)

  2. So happy for you about the job!!! Don't worry about it being hectic-being at a school you love with a good staff and a supportive principal is all that matters. Plus with the way teaching is in CA right now, you gotta do whatever you gotta do to get your foot in the door for the future! Again, so happy for you!

  3. Loving your summer purse! Too cute. And that fairyland sounds like every kid's dream! wish we had something like that in hawaii!

    new follower, please stop on by..