Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Lovin'

Another busy week, another late What I'm Loving Wednesday post.. what's new right? It has felt like the looonngeesstt week for some reason, maybe because the promise of a three day weekend loomed in the distance, maybe it was because of the super fun and busy previous weekend away, (that I've needed all week to catch up from) or perhaps it was because our weekly field trip was pushed until today, a day later than usual that has me all out of sorts, but this lady is going to be shouting for joy come 4pm tomorrow afternoon!

Per usual there's a few little things that I'm loving this week, that aren't all that exciting but worth noting at least and thought I would share!

I'm LOVING.. that Mr. Jones took over cooking dinner twice this week! This used to be his every evening job, until I finally learned to cook and now LOVE and look forward to it every night! My how things change!

On Tuesdays menu was Paula Deens' amazing Salmon Burgers and Emerils French Fries! Yum! And I'm sure my mother would be happy to know we have used the deep fryer she gave us twice of which she actually did the cooking in when I invited her over for dinner...oops. She's a true Southern momma who gifted all of her children a deep fryer a few Christmas' ago Ha!

I've also started my 5th book of 2011! My New Years Resolution was to read 12 books in 2011, and I'm a little behind on schedule but with a vacation on the distant horizon and most of Aug. off I'm sure I will catch up if not exceed that goal!

The Child of the Holy Grail, The Help, The Knight of the Sacred Lake, Sleeping Arrangements (wasn't a fan) and not pictured Pionneer Woman's Black Heels to Tractor Wheels!
As you can see my taste in books is quite eclectic!

I'm LOVING the third and final book in my Guenevere Trilogy...and yes... I am one of those people (ahhem total NERD) who is obsessed with the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. So I have LOVED this series and plan to read more from this author!

I'm LOVING this weeks fieldtrip! We headed to the Marin County Fair today! A beautiful location, lots of fun kid friendly rides and activities and lots of warm sunshine made my day complete!

I'm also LOVING that this weekend marks the 2 year anniversary of Mr. Jones and I living together! Two great years and two amazing apartments later I can say that I love living with this man! I'm so lucky that I get to wake up to and fall asleep next to my favorite person in the world every day. We're so compatible together and we've really never had to deal with getting used to living together. Sharing a home with him these last two years have been some of the most wonderful and happiest times of my life and I look forward to many many more!

Just moved in! July 4th weekend 2009! (our 1st place)

July 4th weekend 2010! (About a month before we moved into our current apt.)

We've had some great July 4th weekends these last two years! Moving in together and watching the fireworks with my parents from our 1st balcony in '09, and the amazing Symphony in the park last year! This year we are headed to a Giants baseball game to celebrate Independence day! How American of us!

Early Happy Friday to all of you! Can't wait to take tons of pics from our weekend festivities to share with all of you!

xoxo-miss v.


  1. aww so cute!! have a great long weekend :) xo

  2. happy 2 years of living together!! have a great fourth!!

  3. those salmon burgers look delish and i loved the help :)

  4. Thanks for playing along!

    The Help is a really good book!

    Hope you and Mr. Jones have a wonderful weekend :)

  5. Happy 2 years living together. What a great post and so many things to love! Hope you had a great long weekend & a happy 4th! I just found your blog.


  6. How can I get my husband to take over dinner?? I think I'm with you - I actually love it, but it would be nice to have some nights off ; )

  7. That salmon burger and fries look delish!!

  8. You have to read Emily Giffin's books! She wrote Something Borrowed...I have read all 5 of her boosk since Memorial Day. Super fast reads!