Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Precious Moments...

Between, fieldtrips every week, swimming with the kids, lesson plans, library trips, hosting friends, cooking, cleaning, running errands, planning events and one night out way past my bedtime, I have been a lady on the constant go. I apologize for my complete lack of posts as of late, but there honestly hasn't been time for me to sit down and really collect my thoughts. Amidst all of the busyness though it's so nice to slow down, and really enjoy the little moments that make up this busy life, spend time with loved ones, and remember that it all goes by so fast, in the blink of an eye, and maybe a moment to slow down every week or day really goes a long way.

We had a wonderful Sunday celebrating our fathers. As I imagine I always will, I missed celebrating in NYC with my family and Dad, but I do know that I will be seeing them very soon which makes it so much better. I am also lucky enough to have two "father figures" in my life and I get to spend family time with the Joneses which means so much to me. We spent the day taking it easy, with lots of talking, laughing, and reminiscing. It was the perfect remedy to a busy week.

Lots of time spent outside taking in the gorgeous weather and view...that was.. after the US Open was over... ;)

A perfect hideaway from city life...

Mr. Jones version of relaxing...

and working hard... ha!!!

Outdoor dining, the best part of summer!

The Joneses!

After a huge bbq dinner, a few fathers day gifts and lots of laughs we decided to look at some old family photos...I had only ever seen one picture of Mr. Jones as a baby in my almost ten years of knowing him!! And Fathers day seemed like a perfect occasion to drag out all of the pictures and look back at their family history.

When you've known someone as long as Mr. Jones and I have you hear a lot about their childhood from them and their parents. You hear stories of who their parents were before kids came along, what life in 1960's London was like, how they met, how they raised their boys, and what kind of a young family they were. To see so much of it in their photos was such a lovely moment in time that I will forever cherish. I'm so in love with this family and so happy that they share so much of who they are with me.

Melts my heart how precious he was!

I mean... seriously.

I just wish I could hear his precious little English boy voice.. omg I die. Sorry I know complete mushy overkill here. I just cant.help.myself.

Love making our own family memories now...while looking back on those precious moments of the past.

I may be a complete crazy lady with my camera on me 24/7 but it's moments like this that I think about almost every time I take a photo. I can't wait to share our history with our children and then one day with their children. Precious moments like these will always be the perfect way to celebrate family, a reason to slow down, and the perfect ending to a beautiful day.

Hope to be back in better blogging mode soon! We have a great weekend getaway to wine country ahead of us and a wedding to attend so I will definitely be posting about that soon!

Until next time!

XOXO- Miss V


  1. Mr. Jones was such a little cutie! I bet his little English boy voice was SO cute :)

  2. OH I love outdoor dining and a great BBQ meal! :)