Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday...well hello.

Hello? Anyone there? I know there has been some serious blogging neglect around these parts and I do feel a little guilty because I certainly haven't stopped reading any of yours.  I've just been a bit relaxed about keeping up appearances on my end. Most of the time writing.. ok blogging.. is a nice little therapeutic escape, it's fun to put words and thoughts to photos and memories or to hash out what's on my mind. Other times though it feels nice to not have to add "blog" to what seems like a never ending "to-do" list and and at the end of the day it seems to be the one thing that continuously gets pushed aside.  Alas, here I am and happy to share a few little snapshots of life lately and what better day to get back into the swing of things than Wednesday! Just in time for Jamies link up!

Here's a glimpse into some of the things that have been happening around here, all wondeful and lovely things that bring so much joy to my heart. For all of them I am thankful.

My Firsties and I had an adventure at the zoo where we watched wide eyed in wonder at all of the beautiful creatures...

Mr. Jones and I spent time at his parents celebrating Dad Jones' birthday...

We made an overnight of it and spent the next morning drinking coffees on the patio...

and brunching in the garden...

We hosted a game night with friends, food, and drinks...

and I celebrated my cousin Ambers birthday while she was in town from NC.

Last weekend we braved the wind and spent the day in the (chilly) sun bundled with blankets and good food to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the always lovely and stunning Golden Gate Bridge..

She never ceases to take my breath away. 
Live music, a picnic blanket, Mr. Jones, and the city I call home. True Love.

So there it is a little of what I'm loving on this Wednesday. Off this weekend to Napa to celebrate a dear friends fling before the ring. I'm sure it will provide plenty to post about upon our return and probably a few things that won't show up here ;) Happy to be back on the blog. Wishing you all lots of lovely things as well.

XOXO- Miss V.


  1. Every post you write makes me miss you and San Francisco more and more. I'm thinking New Years 2013, are you and San Francisco going to be around? xo

  2. Great post! Glad to know you are back to blogging! Sounds like you've had such a fun time lately! I'd love to go to a zoo one day (where there are actually giraffes and other neat animals.. not just the local zoo that has 10 animals total)!

    I'm hosting a giveaway for a shabby apple gift card. It ends today. Hope you enter!


  3. Oh, San Francisco!! So fun to see photos of the anniversary festivities : )

  4. I was told if ever I make that trek there, I MUST visit the zoo! Your photos are beautiful, as always.


  5. Thanks for playing along girl!

    I've been the same way about blogging too :/ I hope that now that it's summertime I can post and comment more!

    Our first grade classes went to the Jacksonsville Zoo back in April and they just loved it!

  6. This is so attractive post! tell me if you wanna follow each others blog! ;)

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