Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thank You.

I've won an award... or at least I've been tagged in a fun little getting to know you post by the lovely and darling Eesh over at The Other Side of Paradise ;) who awarded me with the Versatile Blogger Award ;)

Thank You! For the lovely award ;)

I'm not going to "award" 15 bloggers as the  "rules" suggest, because I would love anyone who comments to feel free to do this themselves! I love getting to know all of you through fun little posts so please feel free to reference myself or Eesh if you want to play along!!

Seven random facts... and trust me, my brain is mush... this will be very very random.

1. I have serious OCD about things being "just so" if a towel is not hanging "just so" a pillow in my line of sight is not "just so" or the blinds are not perfectly aligned it gives me the heebie jeebies. (is that a word?) I literally don't feel relaxed. This only happens in my own house though... honestly if I'm at yours I could care less which way your towels hang :)

This seriously made me laugh out loud. That's exactly what I'm talking about!

2.  I have spent countless hours scouring craigslist for stollers and highchairs and gliders. I'M NOT EVEN ENGAGED. I like to plan ahead ;) and I like a good deal. What can I say. I have  also threatened on several occasions to pick said items up because of the bargain. You can only imagine how Mr. Jones feels about all of this.

My current crush the OXO high chair. Swoon. (serious issues over here I know)

3. I shower at night. If I workout in the morning that means I take two showers. Working with kids all day just makes me want to take a shower at the end of the day. I'm constantly moving, cleaning, and touching all kinds of germs.

This looks heavenly! Yes please!

4. I hate washing my hair. Detest it. I can take two showers a day happily, yet I kick and scream on "hair washing days".

5. I watch Everybody Loves Raymond every night in bed before I fall asleep. I love that show and it makes me laugh out loud..for real.

6.  The only time I listen to "current" music these days is on my commute in my car or while I'm working out. At home I always play jazz, oldies, or whatever happens to pop up in my French Cafe on Pandora...ok and the Buble station... I guess that counts as "current" but it doesn't make me very "cool" HA ;)

We almost always listen to music while cooking, eating, and cleaning up which also leads into a little impromptu dancing. It may not be the coolest but a little bit of Miles Davis and some slow dancing in the kitchen sure is sweet.

7. Having said that... we are going to see The Black Keys on Saturday with friends, which I'm really excited about but I do feel like a total mom these days when it comes to concert going. I swear I used to be really cool and do things like that all the time. Between KFOG and Mr. Jones to keep me up on good music,  I'm trying my best to at least act like a cool kid ;)

If you would like to play please feel free to tag along with a little getting to know you post of 7 random facts! If you would like to follow the "rules" feel free to jump over to Eesh's blog for details!

Happy almsot hump day friends! See you tomorrow for WILW!

XOXO- Miss V.


  1. o....m...g...i am having the same issues on a few of these!!! OCD senses are in overdrive! super fun 7 things!

  2. The "buying things you don't need yet" had me cracking up! I sooo do the same thing, and always try to point out the deals, too. Most recently it's been cute baby bows - I'm afraid they just won't make the same ones I want when it's time. The hubs of course thinks it's ridiculous as we're not even expecting (much less expecting a girl).

  3. Everybody Loves Raymond is awesome! I love your OCD picture too!!!

    Yes, working with kiddos makes me want to shower and during the day bathe in Germ-X!!!

    I would love for you to come visit me and follow me back when you get the chance! =)

    Heather's Heart

  4. Haha I am so one of those people that "plan ahead". I already know how my kids rooms are gonna look and I'm not even halfway there yet. I find myself ogling over little girls clothing & accessories...thank goodness I have a god-daughter!

    I enjoyed your post. Thank you for playing along!