Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The list.

Like everyone else I too have a list of goals or resolutions for the new year. My last post talked about I guess my overall emotional/spiritual goal for the year but today I thought I would share my "fun" list of resolutions for the new year.

1. First up...become a wino.

Yep you heard right number one on my list this year is to drink more wine. Ha! This is not to say I will become a drunk, or that I'm going to become some wine snob, it just means that I would not only like to take advantage of living so close to Napa and Sonoma but I would also like to know what I'm looking for when shopping or ordering out.

I'm using a few tools to help me in this dept.

This kindle book:

Great resource, enjoyable and easy to read plus if you have the Kindle app on your iphone this is a great resource to have on hand when you're out shopping for wine. She gives great tips and recommendations on other books and websites to help find, price point, and shop comparatively for easy to find wine labels from around the globe.

And the lovely Kendall's Wine Friday suggestions:

Both fit the bill perfectly one a book of recommendations on how to choose, drink and serve reasonably priced wines from an expert and the other recommendations from a "real" person just like me, someone who likes to enjoy the occasional glass of wine without having to drain your wallet.

2. Read 10 books.

Blue Bicycle Books in Charleston SC. Photo by moi.

Last year my only real resolution was to read 12 books in one year. Well I fell a little short by only reading 9. So close! I thought this year I would make it a little easier and just up that number by one. I'm already on my way and have mom and dad to thank for my brand new Kindle Fire! Love it! I'll also of course take advantage of the Library for freebies ;)

My local library, just a hop skip and a jump from my front door!

Here's my list of 9 from last year if you're looking to expand your reading list. It's a pretty eclectic list.

1.The Knight of the Sacred Lake (book 2 of the Guinevere Trilogy)
2.The Child of the Holy Grail (book 3 of the Guinevere Trilogy)
3.The Help
4.Beautiful Things Happen When a Woman Trusts God
5. Black Heels to Tractor Wheels
6.Sleeping Arrangements (wasn't a fan)
7.Good Night Nobody
8.The Perfect Christmas
9.The Christmas Basket

3. The last real resolution is just to continue with a healthy lifestyle.

Plenty of local fresh produce here in the Bay Area

I've always enjoyed exercise and eating right (well some of college was questionable ha) but in the last year or so I've really started to pay attention and read up on healthy organic foods, homemade foods and staying healthy and being conscious of what I eat more as fuel for my body and longevity in life rather than staying "thin". Luckily eating for your health also helps to maintain a healthy weight so it's the best of all worlds. I've always been someone who exercises but I'm kind of itching to jump on this blogger running bandwagon that I've noticed lately. I'm hoping between the Nike+GPS app, and a few of my favorite blogs I'll really be able to continue my love for a healthy mind and body.

There's no denying that exercise is really great, free therapy.

Nike + GPS App for the iPhone

And some of my favorite healthy and homemade real food blogs:

And I do realize that resolutions 1 and 3 may seem counterproductive but leading a well rounded lifestyle is all about balance people. ;) At least that's what I'm telling myself.

So there's my little list. I'm happy I have it down in writing and it will be fun to look back in a year to see how I've done.

Happy New Year and New You everyone!

Cheers- Miss V.


  1. Loving your number one resolution :) And I'm resolved to read more too! I read two books while on winter break and loved it. Gotta get more downloaded on my nook!

  2. i like that you have a goal of how many books to read. it seems so hard to read enjoyable books while teaching. i feel guilty and that i should be reading some book about education or how to be a better teacher. thanks goodness for breaks. i've read 2 books in 2 weeks!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out, girlie! Isn't that the best handy wine book!? I LOVE it! This reminds me, I need to get back in my regular Friday posts groove. I've tried some great wine lately! Thanks for the motivation! Maybe that's my new year's resolution: Blog more about the wine and books I try! Happy new year!