Saturday, September 25, 2010

Show Us Your Life.. Master Bedrooms!

Well.. I'm a day late but I wanted to participate in Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life posts on Fridays... For those of you who don't know Kelly..she is kind of a big deal in the blog world.. like has over 8,000 followers..sort of a blogging celeb if you will. I absolutely love reading her blog and about her growing family. So this is also this weeks Blogs I Love reading suggestion for all of you readers!

My "Master Bedroom" is actually our only bedroom, and I feel silly calling my bedroom a "Master" because I feel like that title is for "grown ups" and at the age of 27 &30 I still feel like we are far off from being "real" grown ups... some may call this denial. ;)

So here it is in all it's glory! I didn't take a picture of the walk in closet...because well it's a disaster at the moment and I didn't take pictures of the wall accross from the bed because it just holds a giant flat screen, but I hope to get a bench, or maybe a chest of drawers over there in the next few months...

My calm and soothing bedroom!

When we first moved in we HATED that blue wall, and were determined to have it painted immediately, but after we put our bed and linens in the room and looked at the art we were going to hang we realized it all kind of went together... the end result was that we absolutely love the blue wall now and feel that it totally makes the room! I love the bedroom and of course there are things we still need, but it's so calm and peaceful in here with the neutral colors and soft blues. The rest of our house is decorated in very dark woods and bold colors so it's nice to have a completely contrasting look for this room.

Side Table with what we're reading!

Oddly enough the books that are on the side table actually compliment the room as well...I have a Junior League cookbook from Greensboro, N.C that my grandma sent me that I love to read! It's full of old Southern recipes and hostessing tips. There are two Library books, that desperately need to be returned an inspirational book on faith and trust which I have really been enjoying and for Mr. Jones a magazine and his notebook...Exhilarating I know!

And how could I forget the view! It's incredible! Although I cannot sleep with any sort of light so those city lights get shut out immediately after lights out around 10pm. Which drives Mr. Jones crazy.. oh well I need my beauty rest.

Well that's it folks! Hope you enjoyed snooping! I know I can't wait to look at your bedrooms and as I said before if Kelly's Korner is new to you her Friday "Show Us Your Life" posts are definitely worth reading, because c'mon everyone knows they like to snoop in other people's homes!

XOXO- Miss. V


  1. Your room is so beautiful! I love every detail. The view is amazing, what city are you in?

  2. Beautiful!!!! I love the entire look you have going! :)

  3. It looks so peaceful.. and, hello! That view is gorgeous!

  4. Wow! I love it. I love soothing. It's perfect for bedrooms and that view is AMAZING! Lucky girl.

  5. I am surprised by the positive response from the liftmaster in Calgary because they do a good job with that. Keep up the great work. I appreciate it!