Friday, September 3, 2010

Finally Friday....

Well it's the one day countdown until my friend Melissa's wedding weekend! I have been so excited all week and I'm finally getting a moment to start packing and planning for all of the wedding festivities starting bright and early tomorrow morning!

Friday's are my "day off" besides the weekends, so today marked the beginning of another exciting event my four day weekend! How did I spend this lovely Friday you might ask? Well at the DMV the loveliest of places at 8am this morning.. standing in a line that wrapped half way around the building...and I was the chick in sandals and a dress freezing my behind off, because when I left my house it was a gorgeous fall day, but literally ten minutes outside of SF it was foggy and wet... awesome. So after all of that excitement, I decided I should treat myself to a honor of the wedding and to help me start my morning fresh and on a happier note .. ;)

I spent the rest of the afternoon warming up by the pool doing this...

The Fun Never Stops Folks...

I tried tricking myself into thinking I was having a "relaxing pool day" by bringing my study materials outside with didn't really work.. but I tried. I'm studying for a few final tests before my last semester is over..this specific test is next weekend and it is kicking my take note of that first note card there..whaaattt?? Yep I am debating studying during wedding prep downtime tomorrow that's how scared I am of the Science and Math portion's of this test..not fun.

In lighter news...I finished my pool study sesh, went to the gym and then Mr. Jones and I ran a few errands and had a little date night at a restaurant in the new neighborhood!

I had been wanting to come here for some time and it was our first official date in our new was lovely and I will definitely be coming back...

I love orchids like this done inside the vase...The whole restaurant was decorated in murals and in bright and vibrant colors...loved it..

And of course my date was very entertaining.. ;)

Well off to wrap up my evening ... packing for the wedding and probably going to curl up on the couch and get some much needed rest! Hope you all had a wonderful Friday and enjoy your long weekends! Can't wait to update you on mine!

XOXO- Miss. V


  1. I've always loved wedding parties, especially when it's my best friends. There would be so much fun ;) Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. good luck on the cset!! you'll pass for sure!

  3. Ewww the CSET!! hehe. Good luck!!

  4. I was so scared of that section of the CSET too. Don't worry about it too much though, really it's much easier than you think. The practice tests help and are a good prep :)