Saturday, September 18, 2010

The BIG 3-0 !!

Well yesterday kicked off Mr. Jones' 30th birthday weekend! We spent the whole day getting party supplies and things for the house to make sure everything would be ready in time for the party tonight! We also spent the evening with Mum & Dad Jones having an amazing birthday dinner and catching up!

Party Supply Table... ready to decorate!

Birthday gifts were the theme of the night!

Enjoying birthday dinner with Mum & Dad Jones

We have a busy day lined up, I'm off to "Women's Coffee Talk" at my church for a brunch and to hear a guest speaker on careers and relationships, definitely could use some encouragement in careers right now!

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Then back home to get ready and our firsts guests the Christophersen's get in at about 4pm! To help us set up! Can't wait to celebrate Mr. Jones with all of our friends!

XOXO-Miss. V


  1. What fun!! Enjoy the weekend! Happy Birthday to Mr. Jones!

  2. I love birthdays, Happy Birthday to Mr. Jones!