Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday...Home Sweet Home.

Home from our vacation in the Carolina's and everything has been unpacked, washed, folded and put away. Now onto my summer "to-do" list of re-organizing the pantry, storage closet and bathroom cabinets! Joy! Ha!

I am LOVING going through our photos from vacation and will do a few re-caps of our trip here and there.

I am LOVING that I still have 25 days of summer vacation left! With a few days of training and New Teacher Orientation mixed in!

I am LOVING that I will get to have lunch with two of my favorite ladies and cutie pie Ryland on Friday. I loved visiting my family, but I also came home dying to see my friend family. I love my girlfriends like sisters and am looking forward to catching up with a few this weekend!

I am LOVING having some free time to look at, take notes on and being inspired by 2nd grade and 1st grade blogs! Since I will be working in both grades in the fall I would love if any of you had any good links or ideas to share!

I am LOVING that it is my roomies birthday today! Wish I was in LA to celebrate with her, but looking forward to her Bachelorette in exactly one month! And... LOVING that my cutie pie cousin Vincent turns 2 years old today! Miss his snuggles already!

Cutest Birthday Girl Ever.

Mr. Jones and the Birthday boy just drawing some "Shishy's" (fishy's) melt my heart.

As always I'm LOVING that the adorable Jamie hosts this every Wednesday!

Hope you all have lots to love as well!

xoxo- Miss V.


  1. Sounds like you have a lot to do before school starts! I hope you get more relaxing in too since you were working... Can't wait to hear more about all the teacher orientations and stuff when it starts!!

  2. Thanks for playing along girl :)

    Love the pics from your trip...can't wait to see more!