Tuesday, August 23, 2011

L is for ...

L is for LOVE! Today's challenge (see yesterdays post about the 10 day challenge) is 9 things I love! I could do the obvious and say friends, family, Mr. Jones, etc. but I think I will just talk about 9 things that I'm loving right now, they may be random but there's so much to love in any given day so here goes!


1. I'm loving my 1st internet date! Ha! I met up with my 1st blogger buddy today and it went wonderfully! Ashley from Very Ashley is a new transplant to SF and we met over our blogs! We decided to have a little meet up so I could show her around the "hood" and we had a great time getting to know one another and realizing we have so much in common. It's exciting to see how something like blogging can bring people together online and in the real world.

2. As much as I love meeting new friends, I'm also loving catching up with old friends. I had a phone date with my oldest friend today and it was so good to hear her voice and just talk and pick up right where we left off!

Whitney my friend of 20+ years, her hubs and their two precious babes.
Cannot wait to see them in Dec!

3. I'm loving Fall candles, and the fact that I've bought 4 in the last 2 days! I found all of them on clearance for $1 and I can't wait to break them out after Labor day!

Love this Fall tablescape via pinterest!

4. I'm loving fresh flowers. On my balcony and in my home! I'm making it a goal to keep more flowers in my home because it's the little things that make me happy.


5. I'm loving that I finished the last book in my King Arthur trilogy and can now choose a new one to begin! I hosted a little book swap dinner party the other night and have Water For Elephants and The Hunger Games to choose from! Would love to hear your feed back on either!

6. I'm loving sunny weather. It's been so foggy here lately that the warm sunshine today on our walk totally put a little extra pep in my step.

7. I'm loving my new shampoo and conditioner! It's the 1st time that I've honestly noticed a difference in the quality of my hair with a new hair product and I'm totally devoted now to the new Pantene line!

It's the Restore Beautiful Lengths line and is doing wonders for my damaged hair.. love.

8. I'm loving Jillian Michaels and her workouts. I love to exercise and doing one of her workout videos yesterday was insanely hard yet so rewarding. Looking forward to our "date" tomorrow. ha.

This is the one I did yesterday! Love it!

9. Lastly, I'm loving time off. I can't lie. I am totally that person that could just do this every day, coffee and girl chat mixed with a workout, blogging, taking care of the house, oh if only every day could be this relaxing....real life awaits me I know, but I'm relishing every last second of summer!

Those are my nine loves, totally random I know... I hope whatever it is you're loving you remember to savor it no matter how big or small.

xoxo-miss v.


  1. Water For Elephants is an amazing novel- much better than the movie that recently came out based on it (with the adorable Reese W). If you crave a unique love story then this is your book! :)


  2. The Hunger Games is a great book! Once I started reading it I couldn't stop! I think you'll really enjoy it!

  3. I loved Water for Elephants!! It is romantic, dramatic, just a great book! :)

  4. Yay for blog friends turned real life friends!! :) can't wait to do it again!! oxx

  5. Love your loves...especially the last one!