Monday, August 22, 2011


I saw this over at one of my regular reads Hello Happiness and thought it would be a fun little thing to do to add something a little different to the old blog!

So... shhh here are my 10 Secrets:

1. I LOVE weddings, borderline obsess over wedding blogs, magazines, friends weddings etc. yet I'm pretty blah about having one myself. I want to get married 100% but I don't really care about planning my own wedding. I know, totally contradictory.

2. It drives me crazy when I tell people the above "secret" and they respond with "noooo... you don't really feel that way! Wait until you get engaged it will be different!!" To which I roll my eyes on the inside and yell at them in my head.. did I not JUST say I don't care about planning my own wedding! I'll gladly eat my words if those feelings ever change. And trust me they have changed over the course of the last year so..check back with me next year, you never know.

3. I've watched the movie "The Wedding Planner" at least, no joke, over 100 times easily, probably waaayyy more than 100. Totally lame I know. Something about that movie is so comforting to me though!

4. I swear this one won't be wedding related oops (see I am obsessed ha) I truly believe that you must learn to love yourself/find yourself make your own dreams come true before you can fully allow yourself to be loved, and love another person.

5. With that being said I also fully believe that we can surround ourselves with others who make us better people and keep us accountable for loving ourselves and following our dreams. I would like to thank Mr. Jones for doing that for me every day that we have been together.

6. Even though I should be a "big" girl, when I really stop and think about how far away my family moved I get really sad and choked up. I hate it. I really do. But I rarely let myself think about it.

Mommy & my youngest brother Lukas. Wish I was in that living room with them right now!

7. I have meltdowns about my finances on a daily basis. Student loans plus part time teaching job plus living in the most ridiculously expensive place in the US makes me have a panic attack on the regular.

8. Even though I curse this area of Northern Cal out for being so expensive I can't ever imagine moving away from my friends and Mr. Jones' family. So I guess we'll just continue to "figure it out".

So sweet. Mum & Dad Jones. Love them too much to ever leave.

The friend family. They have my heart!

9. I totally censor myself on this blog. I know that I have all kinds of family, co-workers, etc. that stumble across it now and then, and for that reason I keep things pretty shiny, happy and mellow around here. If you really want to hear me complain, be judgy, and gossipy you'll just have to meet me in real life. Ha!

10. With that being said I love blogging because it keeps me accountable for noticing and reflecting on the positive in my life and sharing it with others. Nobody likes a whiny baby anyways. ;)

So there it is, a few random "secrets" looking forward to nine loves next! Would love for any of you other bloggers who read to do this little 10 day challenge as well!

And this post totally beats my post about my homemade, domestic diva, whole wheat bread that I was going to post about, because it was kind of an epic fail. Oh well it's only Monday...

Hope all you pretties are having a great day, until tomorrow!

XOXO- Miss V.


  1. You and Mr Jones are absolutely adorable! Love that picture of you two. I watched the wedding planner multiple times before my wedding! ;) Such a great movie.

    This is a great challenge! Can't wait to read the rest of it!!


  2. Fun post! I just played along too :)

    I love The Wedding Planner too!

  3. So funny --I am completely wedding obsessed too! And I used to say that I have on interest in planning my own but as James and I move up in the numbers I take more and more bites of my own words. :)

    Oh and I totally can't wait to hear you be judgy, complain and gossip with you!! ;)