Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The View...

A random mixed bag of photos and things that make up the every day for me right now. These last few days of summer are fleeting and I'm even thinking about trying to get myself adjusted to my Fall "schedule"... starting tomorrow... so it's not as shocking once school starts! Which means up at 5:30 and in bed by 9:30. Yikes. I'm attempting morning workouts this Fall so that I have more time in the late afternoon (early evening) to "work" which really can mean any number of things. Lesson plan, get creative with classroom projects, clean the house, blog a little more, run errands etc. The list could potentially go on and on. We'll see how that goes and maybe just for the accountability factor I'll throw it on the blog. I'll be waking at 5:30 tomorrow to hit the gym, and be dressed, ready and lunch "packed" by 7:20. Which is the time I need to be out the door on school days. Luckily it's still technically summer vacation so once 7:20 hits tomorrow I can enjoy my coffee and then plan the rest of my relaxing "no-work" day hahahah.

Here's the view right now though...and I'm certainly loving it!

A few teaching tools library finds mixed with my own teaching materials, combined with my planner and a classroom pin board. This is the current view from my couch and I am getting excited and overwhelmed with planning, creating, and preparing for Fall! Ha!

Since I will be working part time and technically in an already established classroom, I'm really trying to find lessons and activities that are my own that still tie into the established classroom routines and curriculum. I am excited to job share this Fall especially with two teachers that have been doing this for some time, it's almost an extension of student teaching combined with subbing combined with having my own class.. make sense? Ha.. basically I'm hoping to learn a lot while also having a good amt. of responsibility while also getting paid to do it. The best of all worlds for me right now.

Hometown Library...soo many memories.

Speaking of the Library I happened to walk past the one in my "hometown" the other afternoon and had to snap a pic. It's just so pretty and holds a lot of memories. A lot of time was spent here, mainly socializing in Junior High. But for as long as I can remember I have always been a "library" person. I went to story time when I was a kid, spent after school hours here in Junior High and High School and more hours than I would like to count in College. Now it serves as a wonderful free resource for teaching materials, fun reading and free movies!

I've also been getting lots of play time in. ;) I've enjoyed several play dates this summer with my friends and their kids. I can't wait to join them one day with a cutie patootie of my own...until then Mr. Jones is perfectly happy that I get my baby crazy out with other peoples children ha!

And even though this is not a frugal fashion clothing item, I did have to snap a pic and share this lovely tea cup to go with my already pretty blue and white Asian inspired saucer. I kind of like how they don't match and I love my hot pink geraniums paired with the blue and white. For 99 cents I couldn't resist.

Speaking of hot pink...the sunset the other evening was electric!

That's the view right now...hope yours is just as lovely.

xoxo-miss v.


  1. A great view, pretty girl. B and I are perfectly happy playing with other people's babies too. ;) Love that you have a classroom pinning board! Too cute.


  2. Love the picture of the library -because that is my favorite one by far and haven't been in so long. Then I scrolled down and loved the next pic even more (for obvious reasons)! Is the sunset from Friday night? For some reason I remember noticing that one was especially spectacular as I was picking my friends up from the airport.

  3. You're blog makes me miss teaching so much! I worked in special ed for five years before making the jump to culinary school. I always miss the kiddos the most around this time and the holiday season:)

  4. LOVE the sunset! So pretty :)