Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday....LA Edition!

Well it's the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and I'm participating in littledaisymay's What I'm Loving Wednesday's! There is soo much to love right now, Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I am spending today cooking, shopping and getting ready for the long weekend! But I thought I would focus my post today on day 2 of our LA trip, because of course I'm LOVING my bestie, her fiance and Mr. Jones!

So here it is.. I'm LOVING that we had another great day with my bestie and Mark!

We started our morning by heading into Silverlake for brunch, they took us to this cute as can be restaurant Dusty's where we stuffed ourseleves silly and planned out our day.

While these two were deep in conversation,

We were busy modeling for the camera,

Roomie love.


Brunch was awesome, and I am jealous of all the cute places we went to while we were there, we don't go out to eat too often, so it was so fun to try so many new places in just a few short days... I never thought I would be an LA person, but each time I go to visit I love it more and more, Roomie of course is convinced I should find a teaching job down there, Mr. Jones on the other hand.. not so much.. ;)

We had originally planned to do a day hike up to the Hollywood sign on Saturday but the weather had been a little funky in the morning so we switched gears and decided to check out this little home decor shop we spotted on our way in on Friday night. Right up my alley...

This is Not Ikea..aka.. TINI.

Eclectic, vintage, modern, swap meet meets design store... kind of a place ;) We had fun browsing but the prices were kind of ridiculous so there were no purchases made, but you could spend forever in this place perusing for treasures.

We spent the rest of the afternoon, touring around town, we drove into Beverly Hills and browsed Fred Segal, ooohd and ahhhd at some large homes, drove Mulholand drive and stopped for a snack at a cute little place called Lemondae. Once we headed home it was time to get ready for our evening out! Marks parents and Aunt stopped in for a glass of wine and a chat which was a nice surprise and we spent most of the evening chatting, eating and laughing until we cried. It was a perfect ending to day two.

Seriously, I have some adorable friends.

Dinner at Coles.

I did a terrible job of taking photos once we were out, but we headed to this great restuarant Coles in downtown LA for dinner and went to their speakeasy bar in the back for an after dinner drink! We had the most incredible martini's there and I'm almost glad it was just an after dinner drink because they were like water, Bonnie, (my mother.. would be in trouble if she went there she loves a good martini). We laughed and talked until it was time to head home where we all cuddled up and fell asleep watching Saturday Night Live...ahh if only we all lived in the same town, my perfect evening hahah!.

Well that's day two, sorry for the lack of photo documentation but we were too busy chatting to stop and take pictures!

Hope everyone else is having a lovely Turkey day eve, off to do the grocery shopping and spending some time with friends this evening!!

XOXO- Miss V


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! I love living in LA...

    Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

  2. We were both in LA this weekend! :) Glad to see you had a great time. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. those shops look adorable! i have always wanted to visit LA. I lived in San Diego for a year and still consider myself a west coast gal at heart, but I've never been! I think I'd like it a lot too :) happy turkey day!

  4. Thanks for playing along!

    Looks like y'all had a great time!