Friday, November 5, 2010

Five on Friday...

Because I am at a loss for words or ideas on what to post right now, except for a bunch of jumbled thoughts, I'm just going to share five things that are on my mind this Friday!

1. First off soo happy it's the weekend, I swear short weeks feel longer than regular weeks! I had Monday off and yet this week dragged!

2. I am babysitting tonight, I am excited to make a little money, however I am of course sad that I can't just relax and I am a little stressed out, I've been so used to my kinders I have no idea what to do with these " big" kids tonight, hopefully they will have some games and a movie?

3. I am excited that I can kind of take this weekend off from school as I just turned in another large project last night!

4. I desperately need to return my library books, I am such a procrastinator with the library! The library is literally across the street from my house..I am pathetic. ;)

5. This is the beautiful morning I woke up to yesterday, I WISH every morning started like this, I took a second to just be thankful for the amazing city I live in and that I, by some twist of fate get to have this as my view on a daily basis... Blessed, doesn't even begin to describe it.


City by the bay.

I promise I will think of something wayy more fun to discuss over the weekend, I'm just exhausted and in total Friday mode!

TGIF everybody hope you all have a fabulous Friday!!

XOXO- Miss V


  1. Hope you have fun relaxing this weekend! I hope to be doing the same!

  2. I love those pictures of the sunrise!! You are a lucky gal! Hope you have fun watching those kiddos tonight, enjoy the weekend sweets <3

  3. What a beautiful view you have!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Ha ha ha I'm sooo glad I am not the only procrastinator with library books! Just racked up a ton of overdue fees this month, yikes. Darn home decorating books, had like 20 of them crazy late. Ooops:-)

    Enjoy your weekend dear!