Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree. Oh Christmas Tree...

The tree is up, decorated and glowing giving our home the final touch of Holiday cheer. It looks lovely and I may or may not have crept out of bed to take a million photos of it last night, or turn on the lights and just grin... I am in love with having the house decorated, the scented candles glowing and the cold weather outside with the heaters blasting and the gas bill growing inside.. ;) oops.

I would love to say that it was a lovely experience, that cutting down your own tree is effortless and that dragging it through your lovely buildings reception area leaving a trail of needles all the way up the elevator and through the hallways is no big deal..that it fit seamlessly into the base without the aide of a steak knife to get rid of a few pesky branches, but I can't.. it was kind of a pain. Will I do it all over again next year, you betcha!! It's my favorite family tradition and just because the fam is 3000 miles away this xmas didn't mean that Mr. Jones and I weren't going to follow through!!

After switching days to cut down the tree because Saturday decided to be wet, rainy and stormy, we set out Sunday morning, sun shining, enjoying our Christmas music to none other than Santa's Tree Farm! A family tradition for the last 16 years!

Love it!

So what if the trees here are twice that of those at the lot! Look at all the fun that can be had here I mean an elve's workshop... nothing is cuter.

I totally paparazzi stalked this Santa too... trust me that wasn't as strange as taking photos of him with strangers children...yay for my stealth solo shot!

Christmas tree mecca and this is only one small area of this farm!

We agreed on the Douglas Fir and began searching for our perfect tree!

Is it obvious that I am just pretending to cut down the tree?

Super stoked, to be covered in sap and dirt!

Next up on the agenda was lunch at the traditional seafood restaurant, since the farm is near the ocean! We enjoyed a long lunch overlooking the Pacific and were excited to head home and begin decorating!

So cheesy but I couldn't resist

When all was said and done the tree ended up looking beautiful and sparkling...

Love that holiday glow

City lights and holiday lights the house is complete.

I will share the rest of the tiny details and decor later in the week hope you've all had a great Monday and enjoyed that really long post about my tree hahah...

XOXO- Miss V


  1. I LOVE y'alls tree! You're right...the city lights and the tree lights are just beautiful!

  2. aw, ya'lls tree looks great! i love love christmas time!

  3. The tree looks gorgeous in the new place!! Love it!

  4. It looks great!! Love the sparkley lights!

  5. Absolutely love the picture of the tree with the city lights out the window as the backdrop! So PICTURESQUE ;) Great post about your tree...

    PS. New Follower!

  6. I love ya'lls house!! I want to live there! The tree looks great!

  7. I just stumbled across your blog, so cute! Are you still student teaching in Kindergarten? I just started my first year teaching kinders, it is so much fun!

  8. So fun! Your tree looks gorgeous and I love that floor to ceiling window in your living room!

  9. I love picking out a Christmas tree. It looks absolutely gorgeous. Your home is beautiful. I am your newest follower.