Friday, November 12, 2010

Show Us Your Life...Bathrooms!

I'm linking up again with the fabulous Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life! I have missed participating but the last few topics were Guest Room, Office, and What You Make, all of which I either don't have or can't do! So I was excited to participate this Friday!

I love our bathroom it's larger than our last one, has a deep tub, and my favorite part...a heat fan!! Hahah it really is the simple things that make me happy!! I love taking scalding hot showers, add the heat fan and I am in toasty heaven especially since I take showers at night when it tends to be cooler in the apt. We added a few new things when we moved in that we did not have in our last bathroom, an extra rug, a few decorative accents and we replaced the shower head with a more eco friendly one that saves on water!

Getting a good shot was hard this photo does not do it justice it's pretty large for an apt bathroom!! There is a wall behind the door with a floor length mirror and two towel racks for his & her towels ;)

There is a nice amount of counter space for only one sink! I try to keep it semi clutter free and only keep everyday items on the counter.

The "nude" next to the sink is one of my favorites! My mom and I have an inside joke about the "nude" painting in the bathroom. We used to love going to the open houses in our neighborhood when I was growing up and we would almost always notice that people had some sort of "nude" photo or art hanging in their bathroom, we thought it was soo funny and laughed how she would never get away with that in our house. So, the "nude" became a kind of hunt for us, who could find the most tasteful nude for their bathroom, I found this on and I love it, it's tasteful, modern and simple, and now I too have a "nude" in my bathroom.. ;)

These glass shelves hang above the toilet. I like that they offer space for some decorative elements to the bathroom, but to be honest I wish it was an enclosed cabinet for more storage.. oh well.

I placed a few vases from IKEA on top and bottom and the middle shelf holds a card I liked framed in a super inexpensive $5 frame from the drug store, a beautiful candle holder that my grandparents bought us from a trip to New Mexico and an Asian inspired glass jar.

I also have a mini Vera case on top of the toilet that holds my everyday jewelry, easy to take off at night and put away when I'm getting ready for bed.

We also have glass doors on our shower/tub that look very nice when they are first cleaned however tend to show soap scum easily!! gross! I prefer them over a shower curtain but would also love some tips on how to keep it sparkling longer than a day!!

Hope you enjoyed my mini bathroom tour!! I'm off to shower up and get ready to have dinner with some girlfriends!! Hope you all are having a fabulous Friday and can't wait to check out your rooms on Show Us Your Life!!

XOXO- Miss V


  1. Is it hard to keep all of that glass clean? Your bathroom looks so high end!

  2. Hey Miss V! I love the Blog :) I like to use vinegar and water solutions on my glass, and it seems to cut through soap scum OK. Thank goodness I have a shower curtain now that I have a boy roommate ;) as everything seems to be harder to clean!

  3. I love your bathroom! It's so pretty!