Sunday, November 28, 2010


We had a wonderful weekend and even though it was a first with my family all the way on the east coast, I felt thankful for all of the amazing family and friends that I was able to spend the holiday with. Mr. Jones and I successfully made our very first "mini" Thanksgiving for my brother and us and I was beaming with pride the entire afternoon! Granted we did not cook an entire turkey, instead it was turkey breast, but I did make most of my mothers famous sides and it was dee.lic.ous. We headed down to the Joneses for a Thanksgiving dinner and spent a few nights over there just enjoying family, relaxation, movies and lots of leftovers just the way I like it! Hope you all had a relaxing and filling Thanksgiving weekend. I'll share a bunch of photos and try to go light on the text so without further ado.. here's my Thanksgiving!

I'm Thankful...

I'm thankful for my family who sent us this beautiful centerpiece for Thanksgiving.

I'm thankful for my brother who will be joining the rest of the family in a few weeks, it was nice to share the holiday with him and we were able to skype with the whole family, so I am also very thankful for technology! haha.

I'm thankful for our mini baby tini tiny itty bitty lil turkey breast on that huge carving board ha!

I'm thankful that my lunch looked and tasted like perfection!

I'm thankful for the Jones family, no one can substitute my own, but sharing the holiday around Mum Jones' beautiful table with family and friends made the day that much easier, I'm thankful that I have them here and am so lucky to feel so loved by them as well.

I'm thankful for all of the adorable Mr. Jones' in my life!

I'm thankful for friends that feel like family.

I'm thankful for brothers who refuse to smile nicely for my blog.... and instead...

make stupid cross eyed faces....ugh. still thankful ... though.

I'm thankful that I wore the "sparkly" shoes... that kept this little one entertained for hours ;)

I'm thankful that I spent not only one night....

But, two relaxing in front of the fireplace with movies and family...

Of course I'm thankful for all of you as well!! Hope everyone is winding down from an eventful weekend! Can't wait to update you all on our xmas decor and the annual "chopping" down of the tree!! But, that will have to wait, I'm tired and trying to savor every last second of this weekend!

XOXO- Miss V


  1. I love the little turkey...cute! Hope you have a great few weeks at school before winter break :)

  2. Great pictures! Glad y'all had a fun time :)

    Love the new layout too!