Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday....

I am LOVING that it's What I'm Loving Wednesday again!! Thanks littledaisymay for hosting as always!

It has been a great day and I'm LOVING that. I can't really pin point one exact reason but it was a gorgeous fall day, I had a great day with my students, I was able to leave early, workout, go grocery shopping and now am blogging, watching Oprah, and eating chips and guacamole that Mr. Jones whipped up homemade for us to enjoy before our taco dinner!! LOVING it!!

I am LOVING that we are headed to LA this weekend to visit with Roomie and Mark!! Not only is that awesome in itself, but I am LOVING that we will be wedding dress shopping for her gown! So excited.

Rommie and I at her engagement party!

I am LOVING all of the fresh flowers in my home right now, my fall flowers from the dinner party are adorning my side tables and Mum Jones gave me some beautiful lilies that are starting to bloom!

Lovely Lilies

I am LOVING that I was awarded two blogging awards this week! I will post about these in more detail later this week but thank you Tasha and Lindsay and you actually awarded me the same award!! LOVING it!

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful Wednesday! Can't wait to read all about them!!

XOXO- Miss V


  1. Thanks for playing along!

    Fresh flowers are the best!

    Glad you've had such a great day :)

  2. Oh yes flowers! I need some asap!!

    What a cute blog you have here!


  3. So what did you think about John of God?! Weird right!!? Love me some Oprah though!