Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend of the Dinner Party....

Well my four day weekend is coming to a close today... we're hosting Mr. Jones' parents for dinner tonight and making my grandfathers famous meatballs and spaghetti, because it sounded like a nice cozy fall meal, however the weather outside seems to have it's seasons confused so I'm hoping it actually cools down a little before dinner otherwise I think we'll all just be sitting around sweating out garlic. ha! It will be the first time hosting them at the new place! I know we're awful but truly we've all been very busy.

Tonight marks dinner party #2 for me this weekend as well. My lovely friend Gina hosted my friend Dana and I on Friday night for Mahi Mahi, salad, rice and a few bottles of wine ;) I hardly took pictures because it just wasn't one of those nights, we were perfectly content in sweats and comfy clothes just chatting around the dinner table so I actually tamed my obnoxious self and held back on the photos. It was a perfect girls night in and I'm so glad we did it because I realized that I have every single weekend booked through the new year after this weekend! How did that happen? Anyhow, fingers crossed tonights dinner party goes just as smoothly and relaxed as Fridays, if you are new to the blog you might want to check out the last time I hosted the Joneses, Disaster doesn't even begin to describe that fiasco, you can check it out here.

Hope everyone is having a relaxing and lovely Sunday, I actually got my behind out of bed early worked out, showered and am ready to head off to church to see some of these friendly faces ;)

Some of my not so small "Small Group"

Looking forward to all the weekend re-caps later today! Happy Sunday!

XOXO- Miss V

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  1. Hope dinner went well!!
    Did you change your layout on purpose? Just wanted to let you know in case you didnt...