Sunday, November 7, 2010

Welcome to the neighborhood...

Well it's been a pretty low key weekend, which is exactly what I needed! Babysitting went well and I have a few more dates lined up, hopefully I can make it a semi regular gig for extra money because if you knew what I get in student loans compared to the cost of living here in SF your jaw would be to the floor. Anyhow...back to my lovely relaxing weekend. We decided to do a little sightseeing in our new "hood" we've only lived in this neighborhood/apt for 10 weeks and it seems like we've had commitments just about every weekend, so we took full advantage of a few spare hours yesterday and the glorious sunshine to explore our new neighborhood...

We started out by exploring the walking path along the waterway that leads to the bay which is across the street from our place..

Enjoying the view of Giants stadium, home of the new World Series Champs.. in case you didn't know!

There were quite a few people out on the water enjoying the day!

Mr. Jones enjoying the scenery

I just loved the color of the sails on this boat!

We walked all along the waterway and behind the stadium, there was quite a line still to buy merchandise and lots of fans like ourselves visiting the stadium and surrounding areas.

Admiring the field of "dreams"...I am so clever...

There was so much team spirit all over the neighborhood

We decided that we would walk down to the farmers market at the Ferry Building and grab some lunch ...

Ferry Building farmers market

For someone who isn't a very good cook I sure like to browse Sur La Table, I love their gadgets, and dishes, towels and aprons. I could have spent all day in there, but the crowds were getting too much for Mr. Jones to handle, that or me exclaiming "I really need this" after passing every single item in the store... ;)

We browsed the food stands for the perfect lunch and settled on this delicious lox sandwich, perfection...

San Francisco Sourdough with Pacific Northwest Salmon, fresh tomatoes, onions and lavender salt..dee-licious!

I'm really loving the new neighborhood and can't wait to get out and do some more exploring!

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend and enjoyed my neighborhood tour!

XOXO- Miss V


  1. Looks like you guys found an awesome neighborhood!!! Very picturesque

  2. Awe, it all looks so familiar!!! San Fran was awesome and how cool that you live so close to the stadium!

  3. What fun! That sandwich looks delicious! Glad you like your new hood!

  4. Sounds like a relaxing weekend exploring. Like a staycation!

  5. Wow, your pictures are always so enjoyable.

  6. Love the picture with the stadium in the background. And that sandwich looks amazing!!

  7. girl! such a small world that you are from greensboro! i love it! yes, i just moved from greensboro to charleston and love it although i am incredibly jealous of where you live. i love love love san fran! love your blog- so cute!

  8. go giants!!! sf is such a beautiful city, thanks for sharing. :)

  9. love your neighborhood! it is beautiful!