Thursday, February 17, 2011 it too early to already be thankful?

As soon as 3:05 hit I was already looking forward to the fact that tomorrow is Friday. Today was a trying day to say the least. It started out with terrible weather around these parts, hail and wind and looking at that BIG bridge outside my window this morning and all of that congestion I hoped that my duties wouldn't lead me over it but they did and I accepted and away into the storm I went. Upon finding my exit to where I was teaching today I ended up somehow going the wrong way while four lanes worth of cars were headed right at me. Visibility was terrible and luckily I realized quickly enough and whipped myself around before anything catastrophic happened. Not exactly the best way to start a morning. It kind of was a roller coaster of a day from there and that's all I will say. While I hope that I get a call tomorrow from a financial standpoint I also wouldn't be all that disappointed if I didn't. I hate to complain about the weather because trust me listening to all of you who live basically anywhere outside of CA I know that I have nothing to complain about but stormy weather just calls for baking and snuggling on the couch.

Mr. Jones is away for the next few days off to Vegas for a guys weekend with some of his best buds and his brother, it's kind of in honor of or a "last" kid free Vegas trip for his friend Sean. Who with his adorable wife will be expecting their baby girl Makena into the world early this summer ;)

Mr. Jones and the "Daddy" to be Sean

I miss him terribly when he is not home...and this includes like any amount of time that he is gone for longer than 5 minutes...yes after all this time together I still have a totally unhealthy co-dependence on the poor guy and literally am just a total sad pup without him..he is so sweet though and made the comment while he was at the airport that he would skype me whilst in Of course I would never allow it considering it's just for one weekend and I mean I can't let the poor guy "skype" me while he is on a GUYS weekend in Vegas I can only imagine the harassment...omg but seriously the thought was too cute not to share.

love. him.

I am soo looking forward though to some good girlfriend/family time this weekend. Making dinner, watching girly movies and sleeping over with some of my besties tomorrow night and on Sunday I am headed to hang with Mr. Jones' parents, we are seeing the Kings Speech (2nd time for me) and having lunch or dinner haven't decided yet. Love them and love that I still get to have some "family" time even if my own family is so far away ;(

Oh and since we're on the subject of girls nights and movies I am soo ecstatic that I was able to finally find a trailer and movie poster for this!

eeeeekkkkkkkkkkk!! love love love

If you have not read the book you MUST do this NOW. Not kidding. Not one little bit. I can't even begin to describe the endlessssssss amounts of hours spent over g-chat that my girlfriends and I agonized over who we would cast in these roles if they ever made a movie about this book. Two years later..they have done it! I must say I'm pretty much in love with their decisions. Looks wise Darcy is way off but I watched a trailer and I think Kate Hudson is going to nail it. Cannot wait.

On those final joyful notes, I hope all of you lovelies had a much smoother Thursday than I did and an early Happy Friday to all of you!! Can't wait to read about how you will be enjoying your weekends!

XOXO- Miss V


  1. OMG!! 4 lanes of cars headed towards you!? Girl that's crazy!!

    I cannot wait for that movie!! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend girlie!!!

  2. I can't wait to see Something Borrowed either!

    Hope you have a great weekend girl!

  3. oh my goodness, i LOVE this book! and i LOVED something blue too! can't wait to see the movie!