Monday, February 7, 2011

Teacher Treats...

My beloved apple key chain that Mr. Jones bought me this summer.

When I was about 8 I begged..pleaded..and stated my case for a classroom projector for Christmas..I did not get one.. but I did collect as many transparencies and transparency pens as one 8 year old possibly could. I wonder if I was 8 now if I would beg and plead for a Smart Board? (ha!).

When I was 11 my family moved to CA. Being the oldest of 5 I always had the perfect group of "students" for playing school with and I promptly MADE my siblings put together a California report which consisted of the state bird, flower, capitol, and a map labeled with major CA cities. I taught in my brothers walk in closet which seemed the obvious choice for a classroom due to the "white board" like backing on the sliding doors...which I promptly covered in dry erase and some non-erase markers (sorry mom) needless to say I've been slightly obsessed with the idea of teaching for... well, forever.

I get an absolute euphoric high from Teacher Supply stores. Creepy I know. Obviously prior to last summer I had never had my own classroom so while I couldn't wait to go crazy inside of one I didn't really have a reason to. San Francisco only has one and it is tiny..but there is a mecca of one further down the peninsula and I just so happened to be in the area today!

Books and Borders and Cut Outs oh my!

How adorable are these vintage shopping baskets!!!

I found a few bargains in the clearance section!

The Goods ;)

Fora total of $20 I was able to purchase a calendar pocket chart (complete with months/days/dates/and weather cards)..I can also use this pocket chart for a multitude of other activities such as word and sentence building as well as math sentences! A cute welcome sign for my summer kinders and a K-Phonics book that will be a great resource for phonics activities and worksheets!

I would have loved to have bought all kinds of things but since I will be getting a budget for classroom supplies and I do not know what I will already be equipped with I didn't want to go overboard. It was fun though to browse and get ideas. I am still trying to come up with a "theme" for my summer classroom so I was able to start brainstorming just by looking around at some of the classroom "decor".

It was nice to take today to do some fun teacher related shopping and I hope to be back in the classroom subbing tomorrow!

Hope you are all having a marvelous Monday now off to read my blogs!!

XOXO- Miss V


  1. Love, love, love teacher supply stores! I may get that same high you were talking about! Decorating classrooms is the best :)

  2. I love teacher supply stores!! Make sure you check craigslist and freecycle for teacher things too :)

    How was the RICA!?

  3. LOVE your childhood stories! :) Brings back a lot of memories for me, thank you!! Congrats again on all the new kiddos, and yay! for classroom decorations! <3

    Have fun!

  4. Teacher stores are the absolute best. I definitely get a high. I went and got my "fix" yesterday.
    I love that you wanted an overhead projector when you were little. :)

  5. I love teacher supply stores too! I've spent oodles of cash at them in the years I've been teaching. Have you been to Lakeshore Learning Center? The closest one to me is in SJ. Its so organized and well stocked. It is an absolute dream!

    Themes are always fun to follow! I've been doing "Bumblebees" in my K classroom for 3 years but I've seen some cute ideas for monkeys, frogs etc. over the years too,

    Have fun!

  6. I LOVE teacher stores too :) Looks like you got some great things!