Monday, February 21, 2011

Photo Diary...

It was a quiet rainy weekend spent cuddled up inside with books, blogs, movies, dinner and wine with friends, a little bit of spring cleaning and a lot of relaxing.

I didn't end up getting called in to sub on Friday so I took full advantage of my day off by letting Jillian Michaels kick my butt for half an hour and treated myself to a few girly indulgences since I had the place to myself with Mr. Jones being out of town.

Old Doris Day movies a good book and tea out of my favorite tea cup, equals a lovely afternoon.

Friday night three of us got together for dinner and girl talk at my friend Gina's house, she was an exceptional hostess and not only made sure we were wined and dined all night long but also woke up Saturday morning to whip together a delicious brunch. I love slumber parties at her house ;)

Saturday afternoon proved to be another rainy afternoon which was spent doing a little spring cleaning, I put away all of my red and pink Valentines decor did some laundry and made sure the house was sparkling clean and cozy for Mr. Jones return the next day.

Cold and rainy days call for buttery grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup and a little blog reading.

The house sparkling clean

As much as I love decorating for holidays I also don't mind putting it all away either the house feels clean, fresh and simple.

I woke up Sunday morning to a beautiful blue sky and some gorgeous blooming flowers. The sunshine made for a beautiful drive through the hills to the Joneses where they treated me to a full English breakfast and a movie. Then I was off to the airport to pick up Mr. Jones!

Puts a smile on my face, every time.

A nice quiet weekend and enjoying an extra day off today! Hope you all enjoyed your weekends and feel relaxed and refreshed for the week ahead!

XOXO- Miss V


  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend :)

  2. I can't get over how gorgeous your house and view is!! jealous!

  3. Sounds fabulous!! The food pics are making me SO hungry! Thanks. :)
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I know I've said it before but I just love the view from your windows!

  5. Sounds like a great weekend, I love a clean house. I just don't like being the one who cleans it. ;)

  6. Your apartment is gorgeous!


  7. ok okay. im stomach is growling now.. for real. i lovvve your blog header picture!!!

  8. Girl, that view is amazing. What a cute apartment!! Give us a full tour soon (:

    I love Spring Cleaning!