Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sissy Love.

February 18th is one of the most important dates to me. Today was the day that my sissy was born.

Now if you had asked me if it was an important date when I was say hmmm 8-18 my answer would have probably been something ...well..we're not here to discuss those awkward years of total jealousy and constant cat fights between my sister and I ;)

Sister, Sister

Today we are celebrating all things Stefana (Steph-uh-na) for those of you that are confused by her unique and totally Italian name.

If there was a dictionary definition for Stefana it would read as:

Stefana n. (Steph-uh-na) , Stefana is a wild child at heart full of non stop energy and enthusiasm for life. She is a social butterfly who lives for the spotlight and surrounds herself with friends from coast to coast. She has sass and impeccable style, she is fearless when it comes to fashion and she is hands down the most entertaining person you will ever be around. She is half Southern California Valley girl half Jersey Shore a rare combination that will leave you confused and speechless as to what she says? You may need to ask her to slow her speech frequently as the combined accents, and sayings such as "that town is Cutty" or "You're the cutest lil cutie everrrrr" might leave you confused as to what she is trying to say. She has been nicknamed the "Sloth" by her family members for her rare sleeping patterns and ability to take over entire living rooms with her "lounging". She is rarely photographed and in most family photo albums can only be seen "giving the hand" or covering her face while cursing you out for taking her photo. She has the worlds largest shoe collection, which also happens to be in about a size or two too large for her convenient. (crap). She is adored by many, loved by family, friends and her Brit. Her drive and determination inspires her sister (that would be me.) every. Today on February 18th 2011 she turns 23.

Sissy her Brit and her nyc bestie.

I love my sister so much. I truly am regretful that I didn't appreciate her for the amazingness that she is when she was younger, but what I will say is that I am forever thankful for the parting of our sisterly seas or whatever turning point we crossed about 10 years ago when I went away to college. I can say with complete confidence that my sister is not only a friend, but a best.friend at that. I know I am biased but I totally think I have the best sister in the world and I love showing her off to people. Of course being sisters there is some natural jealousy and to be honest what I am most jealous of is her sense of humor and her natural "coolness" Omg I am totally the lame boring awkwardly funny older sister in this relationship. She makes me laugh until I cry and her and I can find anything hysterical when we are together, especially if it involves harassing our brothers, our favorite sisterly thing to do together. I miss her ALL THE TIME. Luckily we talk a lot and I will see her soon, and then after 24 hours in the same room we'll be ready to get rid of each other again. Ahhh sisterly love.

Two of my favorite people.

I LOVE YOU Sissy!! Today is your day and I will be forever happy for it.

Love- Your Big / little Sissy.

(sidenote: I am beyond annoyed that FB will no longer allow me to "steal" photos these were the only ones I had on my comp, that I knew she would approve errr)

XOXO- Miss V


  1. OMG!! You two are adorable!! (I've told you this a million times before ;-) Just an can totes steal from Facebook still!! Just hit the "download pic" button to the bottom-left of the picture!!! I was confused too, but Tuna informed me otherwise (she's the FB queen). xoxo

  2. Hi! I am your recent follower :-) I just found your beautiful blog!! Sisters are so incredibly special, I know my sister and I couldn't be more different and we are the best of friends.

  3. Aw such a cute little birthday post! Happy Birthday to her!! The shoe thing is a major bummer..

  4. Cutie Stef! Happy Bday lil psuedo sis!

  5. Happy birthday to your sister! Hope she had a great day!

  6. I love reading your blog! As for the pictures, hit F5 and the pics will go back to the old version. It's just a temp fix. But you can "borrow" others pics. :)

  7. I don't know how I stumbled upon your blog but I'm so glad I did! I just found myself reading post after post after post! Love it!


  8. hello, i am a new follower and i must say i enjoy reading your blogs. I wonder why your sister doesn't want to be photographed, she is very pretty. oh well, maybe that's a different story. I am also close to my sisters and just like you I love them so much!happy birthday to your sissy!!

  9. The 2 of u look amazing;)Having a sister is a wonderful thing; I have 2 of them.Love your blog;)