Tuesday, February 15, 2011


WARNING: if reading about my mushy lovely wonderful valentines day is going to make you sick or roll your eyes or scream GOT IT then you should just stop here. I'm documenting for me and if you're at all a romantic and interested in how Mr. Jones and I celebrated feel free to keep reading ;)

So last year I made the BOLD statement that Valentine's wasn't "that big of a deal" and "lets not really do anything or make a big fuss over it".

I'm not entirely sure why someone as overly sentimental and girly and lover of anything having to do with hearts and hugs and kisses xoxoxo galore would say such a thing..but I suspect it had something to do with the fact that I was back in school with a $0 budget for things such as Valentines day and really just kind of felt bad that I really couldn't afford a gift or meal out in honor of the occasion. Not that Mr. Jones and I have ever really gone over the top but in the past there have been the occasional small gifts and the fancy dinner out. Well.. as wonderful and caring and supportive and selfless as Mr. Jones is he is not what I would call "Romantic" in the traditional sense of the word..and having told you that, making such BOLD statements were actually taken literally and lets just say the big day O' Love last year pretty much started and ended with Mr. Jones frantically trying to sneak across the street to buy a last ditch effort V-day card all whilst I was using the ladies room during brunch. BECAUSE REGARDLESS OF WHAT I MAY HAVE SAID at least a card was in order?? rigghtttt?? Anyhow looking back on it now it makes me laugh out loud and only proves the point that wayyyy too much emphasis is put on one single day when really the poor guy shows me his love in endless and countless ways every single day.

This year was slightly different to say the least ha! Rather than focusing my energy on the day itself I wanted Mr. Jones to know that the every day things he does were the real reasons why I loved him and I wanted to celebrate this fact all week leading up to Valentines..

I left love notes like this one hiding and waiting for him every day.

Surprise treats from my sweet.

He too started the love fest early with a surprise goodie bag that I found hiding behind my pillow on Friday night. He wanted to ensure that I had a few of my favorite things to entertain me while he was out for his "guys night" Gossip mags check! Chocolate Hearts Check! Cinderella card covered in glitter ... check and check. (all of this for the girl that claimed a year earlier that "valentines was no big deal") hmmm. ha. Oh and yes I am 4 and still love anything related to Disney and princesses soooo yeaaaaa cats outta the bag.

Saturday night Mr. Jones made dinner reservations at one of our favorite restaurants and I got to wear this cute outfit...

I've had this Betsey Johnson 40's inspired dress for about 8 years and literally find one good excuse to wear it every year. Love and love.

The best part of Saturday night though was this cute man, a bottle of amazing wine... good food and great conversation...we laughed and talked all night long.

matching pose.. aww are you getting nauseous yet from all the love??

Well the love doesn't stop there because when I came home from working all day on Monday I found these lovelies waiting for me along with the funniest card ever.

He makes me laugh all day long. I apologize but we get a good laugh at these overly sappy cards in the drug store and Mr. Jones took it upon himself to "edit" the card to fit us. If you click on the photo you might get a better shot of his editing skills..while mostly inside jokes and "loving jabs" it might elicit a good giggle or two.

I let Mr. Jones sit back and relax (which is rare) while I whipped up Chicken Enchiladas and from scratch white chocolate chip cookies (his favorite) for our valentines meal at home. We ended the night by watching "Life as We Know It" which was perfect parts sappy, sad, touching and hilarious just the right combination for the both of us and we would definitely recommend it if you haven't already seen it!

So there it is folks this was my very much better way more lovey dovey totally romantical wonderful beaming with affection Valentines day 2011.

Lots of love to all of you and yours!

XOXO- Miss V


  1. This was so sweet! Love celebrating the everyday, and not just Valentine's day!

  2. okay this is adorable!! i'm not much of a valentine's day-er, but my bf totally got me this year. i cried a little and the whole nine yards.


  3. Oh I think this is adorable! You two make a beautiful couple! xo

  4. so cute! i am so glad that you had such a wonderful valentines! and ps the shoes you are wearing with your cute little betsey johnson dress are fabulous!

  5. I understand the $0 budget. I was in school last valentine's, so Brandon and I didn't do much. This year, however, we went ALL out. Love this, and your dress is beautiful! <3

  6. Sounds like a great day! I love the card with his own notes :)

  7. Sounds great to me!! I love how he edited that card
    You have a good man Miss V :)

  8. Sounds like you had a fabulous Valentine's this year!! I can totally relate to your bold statement due to lack of funds...but at least you were able to extra make up for it this year :) Love the card, so cute!

  9. Awwww it looks like y'all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  10. PS: just read the "edited" card that "Mr" made...seriously, one of the funniest/cutest things I've ever seen!!! Soooooo classic of him!! "Facebooking" with friends. as;lifh;ewifhdsfhes!!!