Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday...Rainy day reflections.

Happy Wednesday friends. Another dreary rainy day here in SF, luckily for me I have today off so I've spent the majority of my day finishing The Hunger Games ;) Now I'm really excited for the movie and the next book! I have lots of little loving snapshots to share today, things that make my heart swell and remind me that the little things in life really feel like the biggest rewards sometimes. Yesterday was a not so fun day as I had a "minor" unexpected car emergency that of course turned into a larger more expensive one. So trying to keep things in perspective and thinking about these things helps me to remember that with the bad always comes the good. Life is a collection of ups and downs all with their own yin and yang. So even though I had to cancel work yesterday and deal with car troubles which was a bit of a pain, it left me with two quiet days at home, to sit and reflect while the rain came down outside. 

 Loving that I was able to squeeze some spring gardening in last week...

 Loving my sweet Mr. Jones for volunteering his time and soccer skills to help out at my schools International day the other weekend... loved watching him interact with my sweet students.

 Spring will soon be here and with that the promise of precious new babes... loving this girly shower hosted for my darling friend Erin.

 The cutest pb&j I've ever seen.

 Proud mommy and her little girl.

 Loving that we made a special stop by my college house in San Diego.
So lucky to have called the beach my home.

 Luckier that this is what awaited me at the end of my block...

 Loving vacation time with dear friends... sunny patios, yummy sangria, and lots of laughs.

And, rain or shine, loving San Francisco and morning runs.

For today the rain can fall, I'll happily stay perched in my little apartment above the city watching it come down, and thinking about all of the lovely things that bring sunshine to my life.

XOXO- Miss V.


  1. I love the cupcakes and PB&J! :D

    Dropping by from WILW.

  2. Looks like you had a lovely time.

    Those PB&J sure are different but so cute!


  3. You share the cutest things! Thank you! =)

    Heather's Heart