Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Make KONY Famous.

Hi friends. I wasn't even planning on doing much blogging this week because it has felt as if every minute has been booked with one thing or another and it seemed that taking the time to sit and write was just too much. However, in between my crazy schedule I suddenly found myself paused, for 30 minutes watching this video

I'm not asking you to watch it, I'm telling you to watch it. I'm giving you a heads up it's not some cute quick little you tube clip, it's about a ruthless war criminal who has been taking the lives of children for more than 20 years. But sometimes, blogging, and this blog specifically, has to be more than just what I did this week, and pictures of happy lovely things. Sometimes, being so connected in this world of social media and networking MUST be about using this tiny little platform for a much BIGGER cause.

I'm ashamed to say I had heard about this issue in college thanks to my roomies, but really did not quite grasp the severity or enormity of what IT was. Now it's time that I pay attention and spread awareness. Please take the time to stop what you are doing, or make time in your night/day to sit down and watch this video and then... most importantly... share it with someone else.


  1. Wow! I've seen it reposted on Facebook but haven't really checked it out until I read it here. There are so many (unfortunate) things that go on in the world & we just leave it alone because it's not hitting close to home for us. I think it's about time we get the word out!

  2. Same here. I've seen this all over Twitter, but hadn't stopped to watch the video until now. Wow. Thank you for sharing. I'm going to post it on my blog too.