Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday...Art Attack

I'm not sure what's happening with blogger and uploading photos but it's just not working for me and hasn't for like the past 2 hours... so instead of smashing my computer on the ground, cursing the photo icon out and ripping my hair out.. I'm just going to take a breather...and compose a photo-less post...which clearly bothers me more than it should! (Can you tell that I'm not a fan of things NOT going my way exactly when I want them to.. yeaaaa I'm working on that lovely personality trait)

Anyhow on to WILW...this week is about home decor so I'm super bummed about the no photo option but I will hopefully give examples tomorrow or later this evening?

(Update: because this blog is about my real life, and in real life I have been trying to write this post for umm about 3 -4 hours but kept getting too frustrated to finish b/c of the dang picture problem.. just fixed it all on my own (sorry about the frantic phone call roomie...all is right in blogland again) )

I am LOVING that I FINALLY after almost two years of looking, agonizing and searching high and low have found the perfect artwork to hang over my couch.

When Mr. Jones and I first moved in together about a year and a half ago, I immediately wanted to buy EVERYTHING for our first home together.. I mean down to the perfect knick knack to set on our side tables... (are you seeing a pattern of instant gratification here?) He on the other hand being the logical one told me to wait, that making a home with someone doesn't happen over night and that it's important to create your home as you live in it. Luckily for him... my budget has not allowed me to decorate all at once, and our home(s) have come together nicely with a few key large items and a few classic home accents over time. I lived for an entire year at our old apt. with nothing hanging over our GINORMOUS wall behind our couch and when we decided to move into this apt. with an equally large wall I knew I couldn't stand it for much longer so I caved and bought a knock off of our "dining" room painting for $80 at Home Goods. It's done the job and it matches the other large painting in our home... but just like Mr. Jones said over time I've realized that it just isn't "us" or me. I like the idea of Abstract art but I also need something that's a little less "pop art-y" and more soothing.. and that has been hard to find. I have a tiny Diebenkorn print in my bathroom that I fall in love with every time I look at it and finally have found a few larger versions at a price I like. I cannot wait to order them, pick up frames and get my dream art hanging over my couch.

My inspiration came from this photo which I found at a new favorite blog: Veronika's Blushing

The lines of the furniture are similar to ours and the color and width of the wall is similar to ours as well, I LOVE the three simple white frames with the simple abstract art.

This is the print we have framed on a shelf in our bathroom...I'm not giving away the ones I chose for the living room yet but this gives you a general idea ;)

Cool calm colors with a small pop of color. I'm planning on framing them in these frames from Ikea:

I also was inspired by Roomie and her and her fiance's super cute Los Angles print that they just had framed and hung in their bedroom. Because she's my best friend she kindly allowed me to totally steal the look and we ordered our very own SF print last night and I cannot wait to hang it!!


This will also be framed in white to compliment the other frames however we are hanging it on a wall across the room.

I love that almost all of the art and photography in our home is either of San Francisco or by a Local Bay Area artist. I'm not a huge art connoisseur by any means but it is important that the items in my home hold meaning which only adds to their beauty.

Hopefully I'll have the completed pieces up in a few weeks to share with all of you! Thanks for putting up with my rant earlier...just keeping things real around here ha! Hoping you've all had a wonderful Wednesday with lots to love!

XOXO- Miss V


  1. Okay and now I'm gonna steal too. Please tell me where I can order that SF print. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have been reading your blog for a few months now. Not sure how I found it, but I love it! I have lived outside DC my whole life, so I am snagging the DC one! Thanks!

  3. I'm loving all your inspiration photos!

    Can't wait to see it once you're finished :)