Thursday, March 3, 2011

Let's talk hair.

Hello my lovely blog friends I hope you've had a wonderful week and are just as excited as I am that tomorrow is Friday! Quite a few things happening this weekend that I'm anxiously looking forward to!

Date night with Mr. Jones tomorrow, getting my hair done Saturday afternoon at the lovely VJones Salon, a double dinner date on Saturday night with friends, and Sunday brunch with Mum&Dad Jones as well as a family birthday celebration for Mum Jones' cousin Carol on Sunday evening!

But this post is about item 2 on my weekend plans, getting my hair done! I have been coloring my hair a "blonde-ish" color for about a year now and it has finally come to the point that my hair is very damaged and the up-keep is a pain as well as the fact that it really is only the color I actually like for about a week and then slowly fades into a terrible brassy color for the last few weeks and then it's time to touch it up all over again. I really want to pull off the "Ombre" look that is really popular right now because it would not only update my look but the idea of long grown out looking roots with a hint of light on the bottom also appeals to me as far as up-keep is concerned...I'm just not sure if I can pull it off...

Here is my inspiration:


It should be noted that this hair in my opinion looks best with a loose wavy style which subtly weaves the color through rather than a harsh color block I took out my curling rod to attempt the loose wave..and this my friends is what I came up with...

Ummmmm.... really Toddlers and Tiara's ???

Let me just say a few things about this photo, a) I have no makeup on...hawt, b) grainy iphone pic c) pretty sure Roomie and I laughed until we could no longer breathe over this one, b/c these photos must urgently and always be sent to your bff for a little comic relief.

Sooo let's just say my hair might never resemble sexy beachy waves... and therefore I've kind of given up on the Ombre dream for now.

I need help.. I want to be more of a "brunette" without going dark or having terrible streaky stripey highlights..and I need inspiration... if you're like me and scour celeb photos for hair inspiration before hitting the salon send me a few or if you are a brunette reply as well...every girl knows these big steps take lots of encouragement and inspiration!

And now I will leave you with my some of my past hair styles and colors...none of which I wish to repeat at this moment, not that I haven't LOVED some.. I'm just looking for something different and fresh!

Cranberry with bangs 2008 in NYC

With my other brunette beauty Jules.. this is probably closest to my current "natural" color

Summer 2010 light and pinned back ;)

Spring of 2010 kind of a cranberry/ginger/dark brunette

The current look, short and suuuuper light!

Au Natural circa 1985...yep...uni-brow and all....hahaha

I may in all seriousness show this picture to my's the brunette look without being waay too dark...

Well if nothing else I hope this post has given you a few good laughs between the toddlers and tiaras look and my uni-brow ;)

Until next time my dears,

XOXO- Miss V


  1. I love the brunette!! Also, for beachy waves, go here:
    I just did a tutorial on it! (:
    You're adorable any way you do your hair!

  2. I like how your hair turned out after you curled it!!

  3. Andrea! I love this little blog of yours and the evolution of your hair is amazing! I cant help but remember out last hair conversation at the Boston College Football game... "is that you real hair color?" haha!
    I posted 2 links of color that might be what your looking for... but i am confident you will look beautiful no matter what look you choose. Cant wait to see you and the finished product on Sat. night!! Good Luck! xoxo Kasey~

  4. i love the light and pinned back and the current look. :)