Friday, March 25, 2011

Easter Treats!

Well it's been a rather gloomy and unexpected day off, but I have managed to take care of a few things around the house, one of which was getting the house decorated for Easter, bringing a little bit of bright and colorful Spring into the house even thought the weather outside is singing a different tune.

Again I shopped the house so to speak, and everything that I used came from other places in our apt. These items have been given a new purpose and life for Spring and the house feels refreshed and new just like the season itself.

The only thing I bought was a mini planter of daffodils that were on sale for $4 at the grocery store!

Love my new view from the couch!
What I did:

Switched out one blue blanket from the couch and draped it over the white chair for a pop of spring color...easy and could be achieved with a pretty solid or pattern scarf!

Fresh Spring Flowers !

What I did:

Vase/Ceramic container that I purchased last summer that recently had just been living in the closet..loved the pop of color

Natural Easter Grass...came as part of a gift/wrap at Christmas..totally saved it exactly for this purpose... hahah..crazy or genius...depends on who you ask!

$4 Daffodils purchased at the local grocery store

In the kitchen I decorated the ledge above my counter...which is practically like a mantel in the fact that it changes with the having a place to display decor and photos year round.

Gloomy spring colors inside ;)

What I did:

Used my old "card" trick again ;) Switched out my b&w photos with last years Easter cards...thank you Aunt Terry for the one on the right ;) And Grandma for the spring flower one on the left ;)

Replaced my cookbook with a yellow and white pattern plate

Hollowed out two of our eggs and placed in our decorative cups with more Easter grass.

I totally had planned on decorating easter eggs, but when I realized the eggs we currently had were brown I kind of liked the way they looked with my "natural" Easter grass.

Here is a tutorial for hollowing out eggs that was helpful!

In the corner of my ledge I have my adorable Easter Bunny filled with candy ;)

Bought him last year for $3

Last but not least I wanted to find a place for this card and I may just display it on the ledge but my mom made all of us the cutest handmade Easter Cards last year using stamps and colored pencil! Just thought it was another easy and inexpensive Easter craft anyone could do!

Bonnie is so crafty.

Just thought I would share in case anyone else needed a little diy inspiration for sprucing up their place for spring!

Happy Friday my loves!

XOXO- Miss V


  1. I LOVE all the spring and Easter decor :)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. love the easter-y decor! it helps to make the indoors more springy when the outdoors aren't so...
    Happy weekending:)

  3. Fabulous blog as always..super creative & resourceful...just love the "pops of color".....Love Barry and Brenda XXX

  4. oh my goodness, you're home is BEAUTIFUL! Love that chair in the first pic!