Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I'm Loving time ;)

I know I've been super relaxed about posting this week...I'm not sure how my days filled up so quickly but they did! I'm linking up per usual with the darling Jamie over at thiskindoflove. This post is actually going to be Short & Sweet (I know you're all saying "Thank you Jesus") because I have a tendency to talk and talk and talk...and here I go again.. hahah... ok. legit this is what I'm loving this Wednesday... me time.

Sushi to go, Bethanny re-run, and pink grapefruit Perrier

While I feel awful saying this sometimes I do secretly love Wednesdays when Mr. Jones has Soccer practice for a few hours. I don't have to worry about dinner, I can indulge in reality shows, blog hop for a few hours, paint my nails..etc.. the list changes every Wednesday evening. Of course as soon as he comes home I'm ready to talk his ear off and cuddle up on the couch and let's be honest here, spending a few hours on the soccer pitch running around and playing sports is probably just what he needs mid week as well. I'm loving relaxing with some of my favorite food in my favorite sweats and watching one of my favorite shows.. that's what I'm loving Wednesday and I'm off my lovelies to enjoy the last remaining hours!

XOXO- Miss V


  1. Your Wednesday sounds perfect! Love your blog!

  2. Mmmmm.. me time. Always nice. I rarely get it, which it makes it all the more appealing. Enjoy :)


  3. Thanks for playing along girl!

    Sometimes those kinds of nights are the best :)

  4. I think it's TOTALLY OK to have me time. Time apart strengthens the relationship - and there are some things I just don't think you can do in front of boys.

  5. I love some quality Me Time! I also love the new season of Bethanny, it's definitely my guilty reality tv pleasure :)

  6. I hear you!! I love having a few hours to myself!! Look at you, almost 100 followers!! woohoo!!