Friday, October 1, 2010


Where I've been slaving away all week..looks like torture huh? Haha j/k I love these kiddos and this classroom!

Happy Friday everyone! I am soo thankful that I have Friday's off, it gives me a chance to just catch up on everything before the weekend hits, and I have tons of work to do on my project today so I'm thinking I should just go to the library to be certain that I get things done! Anyhow, that's just me thinking out loud and trying to stay "super positive" about having to write all day long when there are a million other things that need to get done as well! No major plans for the weekend except work and relaxing around the house with Mr. Jones which I am perfectly fine with, we've had a busy few weekends so a little quiet time is welcomed.

I came home last night from my night class on a total high because I had edited and uploaded my video for the project, I am happy with the footage and it's one HUGE check off my list of things to do for this bad boy! As I was walking in talking a mile a minute about my superb movie making skills, Mr. Jones said I had a package?? I was sooo beyond thrilled when I saw that it was from my blogging buddy Kristen! We have become really good blogging friends and I was so excited for my surprises!

Halloween treats galore!

How cute is she??! This lady lives for Halloween and has gone all out prepping her house for the holiday and a fun party that she's throwing. I love the witch cookie cutters and I cannot wait to make halloween cookies with them! Maybe I can bring them to my classroom my kids would love that! I also can't wait to wear my spooky flair! Stickers and pins! What a great surprise! Hop on over to her blog if you haven't already, she's a super sweet Southern California girl who loves her pup frappy, all things halloween and her adorable boyfriend Kyle ;) Well that's all I have for now. boo. Also I didn't participate in Kelly's Korner Show us your life Friday's because it's dining rooms, and if you know me in real life you might know that I have a mattress and a box spring in my dining room at the moment..soo yeaaa Mr. Jones is supposed to be on top of that.. hm hmm. But I know you love snooping so go check it out and have a look at all the fabulous dining rooms that have linked up as well!!

XOXO- Miss. V

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  1. haha you crack me up lady.
    So who reviews the tape you send of yourself teaching?? someone at the credential program?