Friday, October 29, 2010

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn...

Day three was our dedicated afternoon to Brooklyn, the new hometown of my family. They live in a great area that is surrounded by cool little neighborhoods all within a few block radius. It was a shock to a lot of people that my parents, who had lived in the suburbs their entire lives were so willing and ready to call the city their home. However, it's totally them. They like to be out and about, they like finding new restaurants and shops my dad loves live music and my mom loves all the shopping, thrift, flea, department and boutique that can be found in a large city. They seem right at home and impressed me with their citified selves.

We spent the afternoon heading to the Brooklyn flea which my mom loves for treasure hunting and my dad loves for the amazing food!!

We had a lovely stroll there and I snapped a few pictures of the famous brownstones and a few other row houses that caught my eye.

Love the fall decor NYC style.

All the different colors reminded me of my hometown of San Francisco

As soon as we hit the Brooklynflea as its called Bonnie (my mom) was in full force treasure hunting mode.

Just look at her go!

The flea is held in a big church parking lot the surrounding buildings were beautiful.

Below are a few fun flea finds. I didn't purchase anything but you can bet Bonnie did!

Love the flag as a backdrop

I found this little desk calendar and turned the date to roomie & marks wedding date! Yes I am that friend... obsessed with my friends weddings.

Miss V!

Loved the yellow keys on this typewriter.

Mr. Jones and my dad actually met us there, because believe it or not they really could have cared less about rummaging through a flea market, shocking I know. They were more excited about the food carts so they headed down closer to lunch. We had the most delicious lobster rolls, I had never had one but have always heard how delicious they were, mine did not disappoint!

All that's missing from this shot is the entire Huxtable family.

It was a great way to experience their new neighborhood and a nice afternoon spent with just us and my parents. We spent the evening in New Jersey with family friends for dinner, pictures and post coming soon! Thanks for all your sweet comments so far on our trip and it's been fun to re-cap! Hope you all have a SPOOK-tacular Halloween weekend!!

XOXO- Miss V


  1. I love your family. Your mom is too cute. Looks like a gorgeous and fun trip.

  2. Hey! I gave you an award and tagged some questions for you! Come to my blog and check it out :)

  3. I am your newest follower!
    You took some amazing photos in NY! Thank you for sharing!
    Have a great night!

  4. I'm really enjoying your New York posts, pretty one!! Awesome photos you've included!! :)

  5. You and Mr. Jones make the cutest couple, I've never been to a flea market...not saying much, I'm sheltered. ;)

  6. Thanks for the comment! You've been in my hood! Don't you just love Brooklyn? I thought I never wanted to live here, but now I love it! I hope you've enjoyed your trip (and your own 'stache bash)!

  7. I can't imagine the boys not wanting to shop? Really? :)

    Love good flea market finds! Those brownstones are gorgeous!

  8. i LOVE that last picture!! im dying to know, whats the V stand for?? im a V as well.