Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday...

I'm joining littlemissdaisymay again this week in her What I'm Loving Wednesday post! This is a real random listing of items so I apologize for my rambling brain is on school mode but I wanted to post so here goes...

I am LOVING that I have made the decision to cut my hair inspired by Jennifer I wanted to do locks of love like her but they can't accept anything that's been bleached so sadly I can't..anyhow not doing anything too crazy here is a pic of my inspiration...

My sister on the left...oh my cuteness!! Obsessed can't even wait to be twins with her ;)

I am LOVING that getting my hair cut means I get to spend my Friday morning here...

The family hair salon... well the Jones family hair salon.. love.

I am LOVING that I will have a FOUR day weekend... even though three of those afternoons I will be diligently working away.. I do have a few fun things planned!

One of which is a date night Friday with Mr. Jones to Rocco's which happens to have been featured on one of my favorite shows...

Image via:

Yep that's right I am a total fatty who loveeees this show... oh and my other favorite is Man vs. Food...Mr. Jones is determined I will run off one day to be Adams groupie.. ;)

On Saturday evening I am LOVING that I will give myself a little relief from all day work to hang out with these cuties...

Kristen & her Canadian

Looking forward to getting a little girlfriend time in Saturday evening and hanging out with Kristen and her boyfriend Mitchell who is visiting from Canada!

And Since I am getting a little girlfriend social time in on Saturday evening I don't feel awful about giving myself Sunday to relax...we've decided 100% to hang out on the boat and watch the Blue Angels so excited!

And finally, remember last week when I said I was LOVING that Mr. Jones had taken to housework...well look what I found him doing when I got home today...

Yep, laundry, love him.

Ok well the list could go on but I need to focus on school work, lots to love right now, friends, school, Mr. Jones, family etc. I am a very happy lady ;)

XOXO- Miss V


  1. There is nothing better than loving your hair stylists and knowing you can trust them to do a good job. You have great hair to begin with!!

    Okay and about Mr. Jones folding laundry of his own free will? LUCKY!!


  2. Thanks for playing along!

    Enjoy your four day weekend :) I'm getting one too and am so excited!