Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday....

Well it's that time again! What I'm loving Wednesday! Once again I'm linking up with littlemissdaisymay to share all of my Wednesday loves.

Get cozy, grab a blanket, maybe an apple cider and settle in, this could be long.

I'm LOVING that I get to post about NYC again, this post will mainly be dedicated to all the things I LOVED doing on Day two!

I'm LOVING that on day two of our trip we started our morning by heading into Manhattan to check out my dad's new office in SoHo. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G is all I have to say. This was the reason my parents decided to move, he could not pass up this job opportunity and as difficult as moving 3,000 miles away can be, at least he gets to work for an awesome company in a fab office building.

My daddy and me on the buidlings rooftop patio...not a bad view.

How could you spend your time inside when this is just a few flights up!

We had a great morning visitng with him and then doing a little window shopping in SoHo. Mr. Jones found some cute new jeans while I enjoyed taking in the sights of the city.

The lovely Empire State Building

We took a break from our strolling to grab lunch at the famous Katz's deli. It was the ONE thing Mr. Jones wanted to do while we were there, and I'm not one to argue with authentic Deli Sandwiches so I gladly obliged.

Oh my ideal meal.. corned beef, sauerkraut and pickles..

Just a girl and her sandwhich... total NYC love.

After stuffing ourselves silly it was my turn to do the ONE thing I wanted to do while we were there and that was head to central park for a stroll and enjoy a glass of wine at the boathouse. The first time I ever went to the boathouse was with roomie 2 years ago when we had a little roomie trip to NYC. We enjoyed lunch and some start gazing while we were there, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were there as well, so fun!

In front of the lake at the perfect New York moment.

We grabbed two oversized leather chairs in front of the fire and enjoyed a glass of wine while recapping our busy day. It was the perfect way to rest our feet which had been all over the city and take in some good people watching.


I think we have a new fan.

We headed back to the house to meet up with my sister who was taking us out that evening. She is a total social butterfly and of course already knows where to go and what to see in nyc. I raided her closet and we were out the door.

Love my sissy.

We had so much fun and she took us to the rooftop bar at the hotel Gansevort which has an amazing view of the nyc skyline. Even though I live in a major city there is still nothing that compares to nyc nightlife, everywhere you turn there is something to see and do, we did everything that night from the high class Gansevort to the total dive the "Continental".. we had a blast, and it made me miss having girls nights out with my adorable sister so much.

The girls and their Brits.

Day two actually ended on day three... hahah we finally came home in the wee hours of the next morning, and while I had a blast I definitely could not make it a regular occurance, thank goodness for adorable younger sisters, so that you can live vicariously through them!

Well that wraps up Day two, lots more to come, but just to wrap up What I'm Loving, this has to be said,

I'm LOVING that the SF Giants are not only in the World Series, but that all the action is happening steps away from my front door!! Mr. Jones and I headed down this evening to check out the madness, here are a few shots!

Let's go GIANTS

Running into friends everywhere we turned.

Sweet pose.

I'm NOT LOVING the score at the moment so I'm signing off to root on my team! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!!

XOXO- Miss V


  1. Love all of your pics of NYC!!! That is one place I have always wanted to go and have never been. I must go soon!!! I found your blog through Jamie's link up. Your name caught my attention bc I call my sister in law, Miss V! Love your blog!

    Check my blog out @

  2. Thanks for playing along!

    I LOVE all of you NYC pics! Makes me want to go visit :)

  3. Totally loving the score right now! Awesome game love that you were able to catch some action I wish I still lived there!

    You and your sister are so pretty! Yah for family times!

  4. What a whirlwind day.night! Looks so fun...and you and your man make for one amazingly gorgeous couple! Then add your sissy and her! Good looking fam. And your Giants pulled it out!

  5. Hello Neighbor! Loving your NYC pictures! Looks like you guys had an amazing time!

  6. Ok, I am green in the face envious of you!!!! I know I was JUST there, but you obviously had a waaaay better time than I did!! Lol!! Great pictures girl!!!