Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New York New York!

Well I'm back.. in full swing! There is no way I could possibly wrap up our entire NYC trip in just one post, so I'm going to split them into a few, that way I can share a lot of pictures and memories and have it all written down without really skipping anything. That is what this whole blogging thing is all about, to journal my life right now, so I would hate to miss out on any part of our first trip to NYC together to visit my family! So without further ado... day one!

We started our trip on a red eye out of SFO, we managed to watch the Giants win! And catch a cab before the overflow of the fans took to the streets, we were off to a good start... that is until...

So embarrassed...didn't bother me I just snapped away ;)

Well we arrived to the airport pretty early and Mr. Jones thought we should check out Duty Free, his eye was caught by a lovely Absolute display with shiny gold and glass bottles.. I mean total five year old...just HAD to go and touch it.. next thing you know the entire glass bottle display FULL of vodka mind you is crashing to the floor in a total domino effect...I was crying I was laughing so hard..luckily only one bottle broke but poor Mr. Jones was mortified...the nice man came to clean it up and we didn't have to pay for it but it was a pretty hysterical way to begin our journey. One guy stopped Mr. Jones and said "wow poor guy and she's still taking photos" as I'm crying laughing just shouting "I need these for my blog!! "

We arrived in NYC bright and early the next morning, my parents were kind enough to pick us up from the airport and we arrived to their amazing new apt. just as my mom was getting a HUGE breakfast ready. My mother is the Queen of BIG breakfasts and it was so nice to sit down with my family for a meal after 2 months apart.

The Hostess with the mostest, my beautiful mommy!

Mr. Jones & my brother Julian catching up over coffee

I somehow managed to sleep the entire flight but poor Mr. Jones slept for a total of half an hour between the time difference, red eye flight and no sleep, this was the last we saw of him until late in the afternoon.. ;)

While he was napping I cuddled up on the couch with my mom to catch up watch movies and just enjoy being in their new home!

My mother is an amazing decorator, and while Mr. Jones & I lean towards a more minimalist modern look ( we have to make compromises living together) I absolutely adore her eclectic and artistic style...her house is just full of fun treasures...take a look

Living Room

The ultimate in NYC decor.. the brick wall.. of course complimented by the RED V!

Not only does she have an amazing eye, the lady is an amazing artist, one of her paintings, "The Marilyn" I would die to have her talent.

A few of her treasures.

She loves collecting "numbers" 7, for our family, 5 for her kids..so cute.

Her beautiful balcony even in NYC she manages to grow the most beautiful flowers...can you tell I'm jealous much! The woman can turn anything to gold.. I swear!

My family ( meaning everyone but myself) is very musical and loves music although we all have different tastes, I love the combination of feminine touches and my dad's rock posters all together in harmony!

When Mr. Jones finally woke from his beauty rest we decided to tour the neighborhood and check out Prospect Park, the fall leaves are turning and it was a beautiful evening stroll, the perfect NY evening walk...

Loving the fall trees.

Beautiful lake in Brooklyn

The grand entrance

And some of the most beautiful churches I've ever seen.

We spent the rest of the evening enjoying dinner out with my parents and hanging out with the family at home. It was a lovely first day and writing about it makes me miss it so much. Can't wait to share the rest of our trip with all of you! Hope you enjoyed my little tour of Brooklyn day one! Have a great evening!

XOXO- Miss V


  1. Your mom sounds like a dream. I love breakfasts!!! They are my favorite meal, can't wait to see more pics.

    Um...but maybe we shouldn't talk until after the World Series? I'm not sure if I even like you anymore. ;)

  2. Oh such a wonderful highlight of your trip! How fun that your family lives there! Love the I have to get a photo for my blog comment.

    Your mom's style is beyond amazing I wish I could put stuff together like that! We can gang up on everyone since all the bloggers I know are mostly from Texas.. Go Giants!!

  3. Like a 5 yr. old....that is hilarious! So glad you snapped a pic...ha! Busted dude. Love the new apt....I am jealous too. Good company, right? Waiting for more stories and fantastic pics.

  4. How fun! It looks like you had a great time! It makes me want to go to New York!