Monday, October 18, 2010

Engagement Party Extravaganza!

Well I'm terribly sad to see this weekend go, we had a wonderful time celebrating all weekend long with friends whom we love dearly and I was just reminded how lucky I am to have such amazing friends in my life.

After a great night out Friday celebrating Melissa's birthday, Mere and Mark got into town and we spent the whole day just enjoying the city, shopping and prepping for their Engagement party. Now I did feel like an awful hostess getting my house ready, and setting up for the party in a mad frenzy while they, the guests of honor were here all the while, but what can you do, they were staying with us so, I tried to keep them relaxed and worry free, however I did stumble upon roomie cleaning my bathroom for me... oh well, what are best friends for ;) The boys were hard at work frosting cupcakes, while Mere and I primped and prepped before the guests arrived..

Look at these lil' cuties...

The party was a success and thanks to my wonderful friends I really didn't have to worry about too much since everyone brought an appetizer and a bottle of wine!

Dana's delicious bites..

We had a great turnout and I'm pretty sure everyone had a great time...I had a more than great time...or so the never to be seen video of my "dance moves" tell me... lets just say I brought out an "imaginary top hat" and decided to use it as my "prop"...

Here's the before shot with Mr. Jones & Mark watching the Giants game!

And here's the after shot.. a house full of friends and family.. a perfect evening.

We had food, friends, games, and even a poloroid camera that was a party hit, I wanted to use the pictures in the guestbook, it was so fun to look at the next morning and read what everyone had written! I will definitely use that idea again!

Here's the photo montage table where the guest book and camera were placed...

and here are a few of our lovely guests

The ladies..

Mr Jones & Mark, of course all of our male guests did not stand in line for a group photo shoot like the girls did, so even though these two were not the only guys in the group it's the best I've got hahah.

And I threw this one in because I just think its a cute photo of my girlfriends ;)

Sad to see the lovebirds hit the road yesterday but I know we will be making a road trip to LA soon to look at gowns because.... while they were here Mere asked me to be her MAID OF HONOR!! Yayyy soo excited there were a lot of tears and just all around blubbering and hugging but I can't wait and am so honored. Love them both dearly.

Hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend and I can't wait to read all about them!

XOXO- Miss V


  1. Oh so fun your place is gorgeous! How exciting to be the maid of honor!

  2. Yay for MOH!! When you come to LA we have to meet up!

  3. Your apartment looks lovely!!! Glad you had a great time!!! :)

  4. Your parties always look so fun. I should have crashed one while we were on our honeymoon! Ha.

  5. Hi I'm new! The party looks so fun! Love the decorations